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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chetan Bhagat's tweet on killings in Gaza leads to outrage on Twitter: Sick, inhuman comment or just his view!

Chetan Bhagat's shocking tweet about the killings by Israel in Gaza, led to outrage on social networking website Twitter on Wednesday.

Bhagat tweeted, "What is happening to Gaza isn't fair but sadly that is the only way sometimes terrorist organizations and their supporters learn to behave".

The tweet just when Israel has killed over 200 Palestinians, many of them innocent children, in cold blood, angered Twitterati.

A twitter user with the handle@Homer2bart tweeted, 'Chetan bhagat probably doesnt' have a kid. He knows nothing about how families feel when they lose their kids in such tragic incidents".

They expressed shock and surprise that how he could write with such indifference about civilian deaths in Palestine.

Twitter uses termed Bhagat's tweet as reflecting his 'insensitivity', 'sick mind', 'inhumanity' and 'cheap thinking' for his apparent justification for the killings of innocents. Bhagat, who has written a few novels, later tweeted, that his three tweets should be read together.

"Anyone posting them selectively quoting them out of context", he wrote. But there were angry responses. Another user Vishakha wrote, "kisi apne ka khoon jab dekhte hai tab ye intellectual thoughts koi kaam nahi aate'. [When you see the blood of your near and dear ones, intellectual thoughts don't work]

But there were some tweeples who supported him too. Many said that though his statement might be inhuman or condemnable, he had a right to express his views. And that, at least, one knew where our 'celebrity author' stood on the issue of Israel-Palestine, especially, the humanitarian crisis that it has become. 

Check Chetan Bhagat's twitter account AT THIS LINK.


Anonymous said...

Would you say the same if your family was bombed?

Anonymous said...

Of course it makes more economical sense. His fan group is populated by right-wingers, who worship power and money and he panders to that group. No surprise there.

How do we know said...

I will quote the Israeli minister: We have to understand how our enemy operates. Who uses civilian areas as terrorist shelters? Hamas. Who uses schools as base camps? Hamas.

I agree with that statement. One needs to as that basic question - Hamas is a terrorist group. And it uses Arab houses, the very people it seeks to protect, for its own battle.

How come no one is asking Hamas to come out and fight in the open, and not use civilian areas for harbouring terrorism?

Its not poor jews vs poor Arabs. It is civilians vs whoever is responsible for killing them. Israel might drop the bomb, but Hamas sets the target.

mohamed nyamathullah said...

'Fire' could not put out by fire! Water and sand succeed where fire fails!So also 'terrorism' could not be wiped out by "army attack on innocent people and children"! It is high time people come out of the shell of nationalism and communalism and treat human beings as "Humans"

mohamed nyamathullah said...

Will the Israeli Minister recall that the tactics now adopted by "Hamas" was successfully adopted by Jewish settlers in Palestine during British mandate over Palestine toget the present Israeli State!

Anonymous said...

What Chetan Bhagat said is truly disgusting and he should be ashamed for being so inhuman.

thetruth said...

Dude, you have to understand the mindset of the type of idiot who actually supports Isra-Hell in this day and age: Chetan is a mediocre 'talent' who owes his entire existence to the vast right-wing opportunists who have taken over India since liberalization and who have lauded and feted him; these bunch of charlatans will do anything to suck up to the powers-that-be (an Indian specialty) regardless of ethics or facts.

Now understand something: India is the only - let me repeat - the ONLY country - in Asia and the third world cozying up to America currently - literally every country with half a brain is either dumping the Dollar or staying as far as they can away from The US. So it behooves the US to be nice to India (for the time being) and allow as many Indian students (thereby keeping their colleges solvent), as many H1B visas given to Indians (against the interests of the domestic US workforce) and allow Indians to send money back to India (using AT&T and Bell at over twice the usual rate - making them a nice profit) - hey at least SOMEONE is using the Dollar right? Without the petrodollar system, the currency is just toilet paper anyway....

Which brings me to Isra-Hell; most of the power centers in the US are currently being held b Jews. The are bad at their job, mediocre in their results and rely on corruption and blackmail to carry out their agenda. But unlike the other ethnic groups, they are united and will do just about anything to gain and old onto power. Since most High-caste Hindus see themselves as 'superior' to others and lower castes and since they worship power and have nothing but disdain for anyone other than themselves (just look at the state of class divisions, poverty and religious intolerance in India for proof), it is natural for them to ally with these fascist Zionists.

However, the world is awakening to the threat posed by Zionism. The Swiss have recognized Palestine, Ecuador closed their Israeli embassy in response to the Gaza bombings, several prominent Jews have renounced their dual Israeli citizenship. But don't expect the corrupt rich and useless of India to bother; as long as they can take trips to The US and splurge their black money which they stole from the motherland on white women and over-rated branded crap, expect nothing to change.