Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chetan Bhagat's tweet on killings in Gaza leads to outrage on Twitter: Sick, inhuman comment or just his view!

Chetan Bhagat's shocking tweet about the killings by Israel in Gaza, led to outrage on social networking website Twitter on Wednesday.

Bhagat tweeted, "What is happening to Gaza isn't fair but sadly that is the only way sometimes terrorist organizations and their supporters learn to behave".

The tweet just when Israel has killed over 200 Palestinians, many of them innocent children, in cold blood, angered Twitterati.

A twitter user with the handle@Homer2bart tweeted, 'Chetan bhagat probably doesnt' have a kid. He knows nothing about how families feel when they lose their kids in such tragic incidents".

They expressed shock and surprise that how he could write with such indifference about civilian deaths in Palestine.

Twitter uses termed Bhagat's tweet as reflecting his 'insensitivity', 'sick mind', 'inhumanity' and 'cheap thinking' for his apparent justification for the killings of innocents. Bhagat, who has written a few novels, later tweeted, that his three tweets should be read together.

"Anyone posting them selectively quoting them out of context", he wrote. But there were angry responses. Another user Vishakha wrote, "kisi apne ka khoon jab dekhte hai tab ye intellectual thoughts koi kaam nahi aate'. [When you see the blood of your near and dear ones, intellectual thoughts don't work]

But there were some tweeples who supported him too. Many said that though his statement might be inhuman or condemnable, he had a right to express his views. And that, at least, one knew where our 'celebrity author' stood on the issue of Israel-Palestine, especially, the humanitarian crisis that it has become. 

Check Chetan Bhagat's twitter account AT THIS LINK.