Sunday, January 04, 2015

Saluting the Suregon: Courageous Haryana doctor confronted Bajrang Dal activists over a hate speech against Muslims, gets attacked

Dr Jitender Phogat, a eye surgeon, was going to the chowk, when he heard a group of right-wing activists spewing venom against Muslims.

The doctor took a brave stand, he confronted the Bajrang Dal activists on the spot.

He was the lone voice against the hate speech, and was assaulted. The doctor was injured in the attack, and approached the police.

It is a different issue that the police are yet to register a case for either hate speech or assault. But the doctor did what many of us don't.

The harsh truth is that generally educated people don't take stand and this is the reason that extremists--Hindu or Muslim, get emboldened.

This is no doubt inspiring. A man sees that there is something very serious going on in front of our eyes, and the police are standing silent, he dares to object. Dr Phogat, 38, is a surgeon with the PGIMS at Rohtak (Haryana).

Journalist Sat Singh reported the news in Hindustan Times, and soon it became viral on internet. Dr Phogat is getting praise from all corners. In fact, it is inspiring and if we intervene against Hindu, Muslim radicals, with the same passion, we can change our society for good.

The Bajrang Dal workers at the same spot, caught a Muslim pearl-seller, termed him a spy and handed him to police, though the police said that he was targeted just because of his religion. READ THE NEWS at this LINK.