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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Dalit group's campaign to press for rebuilding Babri Masjid in Ayodhya even as Muslims' hopes fade

Now, it has been 23 years, since Babri Masjid was demolished in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992.

In the past, Muslim groups held demonstrations and protests on the anniversary of the mosque's demolition.

But over the years, there has been a decline in such protests. Except in a few cities like Delhi and Hyderabad, there are no major rallies.

Interestingly, while a large section of Muslims have now reconciled to the status quo and don't have any hope about reconstruction of mosque on the site, Dalit groups have been running the campaign in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

In this photo above, the graffiti on the wall says, 'Ab Dalito.n ki majburi hai, Babri masjid zaroori hai'. The organisation is Babri Masjid Nav-Nirman Sena which has district level chiefs in Uttar Pradesh.

Dr Bhai Tej Singh, who heads Ambedkar Samaj Party, has been a moving force behind the Babri Masjid Navnirman Sena, which was cretaed a few years ago.

The Sena president Dr Jagbir Singh affirmed that his organisation would continue to raise voice and participate in the struggle for building Babri Masjid, and will extend full cooperation to the Muslim brethren in this movement.

On December 6, 1992, Babri Masjid was razed in Ayodhya.

The then, PM, PV Narasimha Rao, had come on TV, and promised that the mosque would be built again at the same spot.

However, it was a lie. He lied to crores of Indians in his message to nation.

Muslims have trust in law and expected that mosque would be reconstructed, but it couldn't happen. With passing years, the hope too faded that this would ever happen.


nerkuppai thumbi said...

The builder of the Masjid was a Shia; it must have been a mosque, where Shias used to worship. Now the Sunni Muslims who are more vocal, more intolerant (than Shias), and more in number than Shias are making a case for rebuilding it. Maybe, if it is reconstructed as a Shia mosque, ISIS will take care of its demolition, leaving the Ram Janambhoomiwalahs the trouble!

I am a secularist by birth, of course a Hindu. I hate the above comment I am forced to make by the developments: bombings, beheadings, etc.

I loathe Mutual hatred among religions. Till Sunnis and Shias subsume their mutual hatred, the people of other religions, majority Hindus in particular, would never accept that Islam preaches love towards fellow humans.

Charity begins at home. Let the inter-sect wars die, before we point out the intolerance of Hindus and others.

As for Babri Masjid, it is not too late for the Muslims to magnanimously give up their cry for a mosque in the place considered sacred by the Hindus; A masjid can be constructed anywhere, but Ram's birth place can be one and only. Thousands of Masjids are tolerated by Hindus, with their Pukars and all; they will not grudge one more, of course named, Babri Masjid.

nerkuppai thumbi said...

My comment has not evoked any protest? It would mean either it is the true state of affairs or that the blog is not having wide readership. Either way, things should change.

Raqib said...

Dear Thumbi, there is something called 'law'. That should be respected, the mosque was demolished and the case is in court, even if a million Muslims decide to gift the land to Hindus, it can't happen, as there may be a few who would oppose it and even many Hindus would be against it. Even if a single person is against it, it can't happen, because the case in the court. As far sectarian issues are concerned, in India, there is no serious Hindu-Muslim tension, no Shia-Sunni conflict, it is more created.

nerkuppai thumbi said...

/As far sectarian issues are concerned, in India, there is no serious Hindu-Muslim tension, no Shia-Sunni conflict, it is more created./..

Thank you.

REPEAT: IT IS CREATED. This should be understood by the muslim youth who get brain-washed by on-line and half-cooked Friday-Namaz.

editor said...

Accepted. Right, Mr Thumbi.

Sonali said...

I am neither a muslim nor a dalit but a (so called high caste) Hindu, and I am proud to be a Hindu (though not of my so called high-caste status but).

Shia and Sunni sects have conflicts among them. so we are calling them intolerant. But what about us? Are we not intolerant towards our dalit bretherns, who are integral part and parcels of our community? We have inflicted loads of insults and atrocities on them,since time immemorial. Now situations are definitely better,but still we discriminate against them.

There are problems in all communities and we need to fix it instead of dragging these issue to every second discussions to justify our point.

I strongly believe that conflict between shias and sunnis never justify the demolition of the maszid. It was their faith which was battered by our insensitive act (some people and organisations motivated larger mass to do this by saying that Ram lala is born there and we have to build a temple right on the very place where their maszid stands...ridiculous!! no logic.. stark instigation of masses against each other for political mileage!! A temple could have been built near to the maszid)

I (personally) apologise my Muslim brothers and sisters for these insensivities.(my personal view). i respect the restraint they have shown by taking the course of law regarding babri incident.

As Raqib ji said that the case is in Supreme court and its decision will be final, I would like to add that we must respect the law of the land and there will not be a better solution to the issue than the future verdict of the court. (otherwise we'll end up demolishing each others sacred monuments and structure blindly)

Peace tolerance and unity can only save us from getting the country in trouble and perishing by killing each other.

I take pride in being an Hindu and much more pride in being an Indian. And my Constitution teaches me that i must protect fundamental and legitimate rights of all my fellow citizen irrespective of their cast religion gender etc. We have to learn to protect the rights and dignity of others and let them speak about the problem they are facing, even if we disagree with them.

Because in a democracy heads are counted and not crushed.