Saturday, May 21, 2016

24.88 crore families in India: Just 3.12 crore or 31.2 million Muslim families, yet such worries about increasing population of Muslims!

The latest Census report has revealed that there are 24.88 crore or 248 million families in India.

Among these 24.88 crore families, just 3.12 crore families are Muslim. There are 20.24 crore Hindu families.

There are 63 lakh Christian families 41 lakh Sikh households and 19 lakh Jain families. Clearly, Hindu population in India, is huge.

While on an average, a Muslim family had 5.6 members, a Hindu family has 4.9 members. However, this has also seen a fast decline.

The fastest decline has come among Muslims. In fact, Hindustan Times reported that 'Muslim families shrinking fastest' in India. The size of Muslim family is now getting smaller.

Still, right-wing leaders, especially, BJP and VHP rabble-rousers have been talking about 'rising Muslim population' and are fearful of a 'Muslim takeover' and that 'Hindus will become a minority'.

Now, if someone is so scared, despite clear data showing number of Hindu families six times the number of Muslim families in India, what can anyone do?

Hindus are nearly 79.8% of India's population. Muslims account for just over 14% of India's population.

Census was conducted in the year 2011, the report was released in 2014-15. Since then, Census department has been regularly releasing other details and information too.