Saturday, January 21, 2017

150 killed in Indore-Patna Express train disaster were victims of terrorism: Who are these terrorists?

As many as 150 persons who were killed in Indore-Patna Express train tragedy were victims of a terror attack, say investigative agencies.

A bomb was planted on the track and the blast had caused derailment and the large-scale devastation--deaths of innocent passengers.

The blast was engineered by Motilal Paswan and two others--Uma Shankar and Mukesh who had planed the Improvised Explosive Device (IED), causing the fault in the tracks, reports NDTV [LINK].

They had also targeted another train but couldn't derail it, say reports. Superintendent of Police (SP), East Champaran, Jitendra Rana, is quoted in media reports about the disclosure and the suspicion that Pakistan's ISI was involved in it and money was paid through a Gulf-based Dubai resident.

After the disclosure--such a sensational news by any standards, newspapers carried the report without focusing on names. Headlines talked about ISI but not about perpetrators.

Start reading this report [LINK] and while there is kite-flying, you read paragraphs after paragraphs, but names of those arrested won't be found at all.

So someone who paid the money from foreign country is immediately seen as villain because the new story is accepted but the names of the perpetrators who executed it on ground are being hidden or attempts are made to put names at the end of the reports.

Of course, no attempts to publish photos even next day or in follow-up stories. In fact, story was out of front page after the first day. Unlike other cases when media publishes photographs of 'darinde' or 'hatyare', everyone remained soft and no attempt was made to publish information about Moti, Uma Shankar, Mukesh or even handler Brajesh Giri.

In this HT report, [LINK], where are the names, after how many paras? In several Hindi papers, front page story didn't carry these names, at all. In some, these names were at the 10th or 12 page in continuation of the story.

So why this sympathy for suspected terrorists? In a disaster of such magnitude, newspapers are reluctant to publish names of those who engineered and executed it! Doesn't it tell the sad state of journalism in India! Unless there is a Muslim name, it can't be sensational. Hence, forget words like 'terrorist' or terror suspect, the references are 'three persons', 'these men' et al.

That's how our media reports Terror. Else, even those who are not linked to any violence, and just suspected of association with a banned outfit are immediately defamed and for days their photographs are published.