Sunday, February 04, 2018

43 year jail to man for attack at London mosque: India should have given stern punishment to those who demolished Babri Masjid

A man who drove into a mosque in United Kingdom, killing one and injuring nearly a dozen others, has been given a jail term of 43 years.

The man, Darren Osborne, had plowed into the crowd of devotees at mosque, killing a man--Mukaram Ali.

This incident had occurred in London. Osborne, 48, has been jailed for 43 years, with no chance of parole. Osborne had driven a rented van into devotees who were leaving the evening prayers during the Ramzan.

"The prosecutors said Osborne was motivated by a hatred of Muslims and was radicalized by online far-right and Islamophobic propaganda", reports NY Post.

The judge said that Osborne's mind had been poisoned by far-right extremist ideas and he showed no signs of remorse. Your mindset became one of the malevolent hatred, the judge said, adding that, 'this was a terrorist attack. you intended to kill'.

This is indeed exemplary. This is justice. Swift trial and sentence within a short time. The incident had occurred on June 18, 2017. The judgment came in less than a year. When the prosecution intends to get the accused, due sentence, and the courts deliver judgments timely, it leads to order in the society.

In India, we must learn from it. In 1992, Babri Masjid was demolished in full public view. The chief minister of UP, Kalyan Singh, had given oath to the Apex court, didn't honour it. Top BJP leaders had brought the 'Kar Sevaks'.

It was indeed attack on India's values, India's religious freedom, India's secular ethos, India's law-and-order, yet, Congress government and CBI remained indifferent. The criminal case wasn't pursued. The courts apparently didn't consider it a serious crime.

Those who were responsible became ministers and chief ministers and reached posts of Governors and Deputy Prime Minister. So, that's the difference, between a society governed by law and a society where law collapses or can be subverted.

If only, exemplary punishment was given to those who planned and were involved in destruction of the Babri Mosque or leaders involved in communal riots, inflammatory speeches, things won't have deteriorated in later years