Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Soldiers keep dying at the border but political class fails: Does government have no strategy to stop firing at LoC?

Ram Avtar was killed in firing at Line of Control.

The soldier, has left behind a son and a 3-month-old daughter apart from a five-year-old son.

That's tragic. Unfortunately, there seems no let up in such incidents.

Compensation is no substitute to the tragedy--the fact that kids will grow up without father.

How to deal with Pakistan?

What sort of power are we when we can't stop these deaths. India is strong, aren't we? We are a 'maha-shakti', arent' we?

But what use when can't stop deaths of soldiers. Is there any strategy!!!

The deaths of armymen makes headlines, rouses patriotic feelings, anger but what about families, these kids? TV channels continue to exploit the feelings, fuel rage. Deaths continue.

But that's no solution. Government is unable to stop it and seems it has no way to deal with it. It's not that they can't but they are clearly not interested.

One thing is clear--dialogues can reduce it. But who will accept it? This needs statesmanship, leadership. 

The rhetoric of war can't solve this. Political class and constant war-mongering by section of media have brought us here, that any suggestion for peace talks is considered blasphemy. We are caught up in this circle.

LoC, Army, Jawans' deaths: These issues keep public mind off real issues

There is another aspect. 'Army, deaths of jawans, firing at LoC' helps divert focus from other major issues--unemployment, poverty, failure to deal with crumbling infrastructure in health-education sectors.

Hence, public focus is off the failure of politicians. Is this the reason that there is lack of initiative or statesmanship on part of the leadership to improve the situation at the border and deal with these regular incidents of firing and deaths?