Thursday, November 01, 2018

Asia Bibi verdict: Imran Khan's courageous stand must be praised, will our PM keep law over 'aastha'

After the recent Supreme Court verdict in Pakistan in the case of Asia Bibi, hardliners in Pakistan were angry.

There were retaliation calls and even Supreme Court judges were openly threatened.

In such an atmosphere, PM Imran Khan addressed the nation. He clearly stated that country will run as per law and such anarchy--threats and lawlessness would not be tolerated.

Anyone who saw the video must appreciate his candidness. This is a majoritarian disease that because the accused belongs to another religion, he or she must be 'wrong' while 'our own' are always innocent.

Now compare this with the situation in India. 'If the name is Akhlaq, he must have kept beef in his fridge and so killing is justified---that's what many among the Hindu majority feel. It's the same with lynchings--imagine that victims were taking cows, hence, they needed to be punished.

No need for courts, law or any due process. The person's innocence doesn't matter.

In the Sabrimala temple issue, there are openly abusive comments on social media. Can PM Narendra Modi come on TV and say that on Ram Temple issue, 'Law will prevail, NOT aastha'? While, there is positive change in the neighbouring country, we are going in the reverse direction.