Thursday, November 08, 2018

Terrrorism: White man kills 12 in California bar, US media terms it 'mass shooting'

A man wearing dark clothing and a dark baseball cap, first set off smoke bombs and then began firing indiscriminately in a bar in California.

This resulted in death of 12 people. The incident occurred on November 8. This has happened just a fortnight after a white supremacist had targeted a synagogue.

The terror suspect--Ian D Long, was an ex-marine. Long, 28, had joined Marine Corps soon after finishing his High School, over a decade ago. A trained machine gunner, he was assigned first battallion in Hawaii.

Also, he spent time in Afghanistan. Ian D Long first shot dead the security man and later opened fire. A Sheriff's sergeant who responded to the shooting was also killed in the firing. The bar had around 100 people, mostly youngsters and college students.

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His body was also found at the spot. Initial reports suggested that he killed himself. Soon after the news was reported, there was panic. However, within 24 hrs the story was going down, as if it had become routine.

The reports termed it as 'mass shooting' and NOT 'terror'. Once again, there were side stories about how an ex-marine could become a killer, dressed in black, with sympathetic views of his friends and acquaintances.