Saturday, January 30, 2021

Bond with Bajrang Dal damaging Indian Police credibility: How people framed, made to suffer just because Dal 'raids' a place and police has to act subsequently!

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

A right-wing group has the power to 'raid' any place, create ruckus and vandalize, rough up people and then inform the police.

Now, as per its information, the police duly register the case. If there are loopholes, if the crime was not committed or people were wrongly framed, there is no recourse. 

When the police officials are questioned, they simply reply--'we are investigating'. This is a classic example of how police have withdrawn, shirk their responsibility and right-wing vigilante groups manage to get things done.

So this recent incident in Indore again shows how policemen take action on the basis of Bajrang Dal's stand. 

The Dal gets a 'tip' that people have assembled at a place & they believe or imagine it is for conversion, so they have the power to 'raid' the premises?

This is not considered 'parallel policing', promptly FIR registered in accordance with BD's stand . For police, Bajrang Dal or similar groups' word is final. Who has given this right to a group that has its role under scanner in riots, violence and atrocities?

Now, as an FIR has been registered, arrested people suffer for days, weeks--women with children included, who have been booked under harsh laws and difficult bail conditions make it tough for them to get released. Police force, an agency dependent on BD? 

Realisation comes that the victims may be from the majority community whom you want to protect!. So some get worried, feel that 'was it okay'. But because BD has said it, done it, FIR was a must and now you can't say that 'it was wrong call' or admit mistake or withdraw charges.

In a civilized world, anyone who 'raids', takes law in its hands and plays the role of an agency capable of taking action, should be booked or reined in. Here, things are totally different. The BD or similar groups in different regions have this extra-judicial power to get anyone booked and arrested. 

THE PATTERN: How any right-wing politician can get cops register case against anyone

In the case of comedians Munawar Faruqi's arrest too, this happened. Complaint was made though  there was no such joke cracked to hurt sentiments in Indore, yet, local politician appears on the scene, complained, the case was promptly registered and since then, they'are in jail.

Even when a case is not registered, there are other ways of harassment. In Bhopal, minor girls and boys were herded by police and taken to police station just because a right-wing group had conducted a similar 'raid' in a restaurant, claiming that it was hookah bar. 

This had resulted in the victims getting publicly shamed, in one case father disowned his wife and daughter. Don't outsource policing or give such blanket powers to any group to take action. This is extremely damaging and affects the credibility of police. 

The law-enforcing agencies need to l think about it and take corrective measures. Shockingly, IPS officers who are well aware, themselves let these things go on. It is not that the political parties directly ask you to let vigilantes act always. Just that the officials go extra-mile in pleasing these forces. 

This bond is such that when thousands of right-wing workers carrying lathis or swords go out as it happened in the region, police had no intel, didn't try to stop or register cases. If you want to study how things falling apart in our country, study Indore model, from 1990s

In Indore, last year, a woman was denied goods by a person who on camera said that he won't give to person of particular faith, video went viral, but the same cops didn't even take action. If you ask them, they say, 'we are not aware'. BD can go & then police duly follows.

On the contrary, when right-wing leaders are caught for smuggling cows to slaughterhouse, main accused are not arrested, promptly. 'We are looking, investigating...' is the response despite the evidence.

The police force that has over 1 lakh staff & dozens of units in MP & has the competence, doesn't need to work in accordance with any groups' wishes. Hope top officials realise that this is affecting the force and its image.