Sunday, January 24, 2021

COURAGEOUS: Joe Biden's comments on threat from domestic terror show pragmatism, hope

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

Joe Biden's comments on the threat from domestic extremism and terror must be welcomed. 
These are truly historic because it needs strong conviction and bravery to speak up against 'majoritarian sentiment'. 
Also, this is courageous because even acknowledging it is tough. Generally, the majority population feels* 'it is nation'.
This is true in most countries of the world. The majority doesn't want to own up faults, in fact, it never likes to be told that there are people or a segment in it that are responsible for the mess.
It, instead, tends to blame 'other, outsider'. But when you are in a mess, you need to redress the issues. Solution requires introspection, being fair, tough and even straightforward to the point that your own people may get irked.
Compare it with other countries where people, leaders won't even accept that there is any problem. 'Right-wing' is considered a representative of the main stream. Media that is not inclusive, generally, also pushes the ultra right-wing majoritarian narrative. Shifting a problem, hiding it by blaming others, letting it worsen is what they know.
To accept that there're issues with 'us' is a really brave thing in our times. It shows the maturity of United States of America. In post-Trump era, especially, the mob violence at Capitol Hill, it was necessary to speak up. 
However, for too long, the issue of 'domestic terrorism' was not taken as seriously. This is true in other countries as well. The core problem is diverted or ignored. However, petty things are brought up, instead resolving the real problem. [The photograph shows the lead, headline on front page of Times of India, Mr Chidanand Rajghatta's report]
*The feeling among majority that 'we truly represent the nation' is due to right-wing narrative pushed by TV, newspapers and media that are not as inclusive.