Thursday, January 12, 2006

'Backward' Muslims don't practice female foeticide, don't kill baby girls in the wombs

It does not deserve a news item for most newspapers--'Two six-month old foetuses found abandoned'.

Who bothers to find that it may not be the case of abortion by a teenaged girl wanting to get rid of unwanted pregnancy but a case of female foeticide.

The foetuses were both of girls and were aborted at such a late stage [six months] just because the family found that they were going to be baby girls. Naturally it could not have been a poor family as poor don't go to nursing homes or for illegal ultra sound tests as much. It was most certainly a middle-class family that killed its girl children but the murderers go scot-free.

The other day, TV channel CNN-IBN showed the story that in the midst of a belt in Haryana where there are barely 750-800 girls for 1000 boys, a poor Muslim family has FIVE DAUGHTERS and no son and they don't even yearn for a boy. But this is one thing that intrigues everybody.

The educated Indians have stopped so many girls from coming in this world that vast regions have below 800 sex ratio. The situation in Haryana and Punjab is worst. Amongst the religions communities the Sikhs are the worst follwed by Jains. It is becoming very difficult for Jain boys to find girls in middle-class and rural areas.


The Upper caste Hindus are also suffering the consequences. Muslims have however rejected female foeticide and the sex ratio amongst Muslims is a very healthy 930. At the national level the sex ratio is 927. Amongst Sikhs it is 786, Jains 870.

The Sikhs, the Jain, the Jats were doing it and most of the highly educated ones---killing the girl child in the womb. Kerala that has Muslims and Christians accounting for over 50% of population has a sex ratio of 1058 (more girls than boys) but a 95% Hindu Haryana has just 861. Naturally education and economy don't make a community forward or backward.


If it were so educationally backward Muslims would be killing their daughters but they are protecting. And the educated Christians too are protecting their daughters. But the Hindus, Sikhs and the most literate of all, the Jains, are not.

Those who call Muslims backward should see these figures and introspect and learn a few things from Muslims rather than labelling them outrightly as backward. All the time we hear that Muslims treat women badly and that Hindus treat women as 'devis'. Doesn't this expose the fallacy of such claims!

Interesting, the sex ratio is also good among Dalits and Tribals. In tribal societies, there are often more women than men. It clearly suggests that the so-called 'Educated Upper and Middle Class', which preaches high morality but kills baby girls.