Friday, May 19, 2006

Now Indian Christians also see Jewish Hand in Da Vinci

For long Muslims have been seeing Jewish conspiracies in everything. Now it is the turn of Christians who feel that the tiny but influential Jew populace is running a campaign attacking the Christian beliefs and defaming the life of Jesus Christ.

The Christian Forum has alleged that Jews who are influential in USA are behind this sustained campaign as part of which two major television channels showed a series of stories spreading canards and propogating misconceptions about Jesus' life.

The fact that the stories were shown in April, the month of fasting, as hurt us even more, said Indira Iyengar of Forum. She said that while Dan Brown claims his novel to be a fictional work, the channels based on the book claimed their stories as based on facts and mauscripts.

"It is to be investigated who funded these channels for telecasting many series of programmes like Knights' Templar, Holy Grail et al", she asks.