Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sprint-queen Ruqaya excels on the field in Hijab: Says Hijab is no obstruction in excelling in sports

Bahrain's sprinter Ruqaya Al-Ghasara was in the news recently after she won gold medal.

Ruqaya won the medal in 200 metres contest  during the ongoing Doha Asian games in Qatar.

She also won the bronze in 100 m race. She wore a full dress with only face and hands visible. 

As a result, she got lot of attention in the media. 

Al-Ghasara said that hijab doesn't hold her back, rather it helps her in movement.

She feels that the traditional attire [full length suit and head scarf] makes her confident.

Surely, her performance will encourage many Muslims girls towards sports.

Interestingly, a section has begun questioning why Sania Mirza can't wear hijab and be a world-beater.

And that I don't agree with. It's a matter of personal choice.

Isn't it!

If the sportswomen feel that Hijab is no obstruction, then it's fine. But its nobody's business to impose it on sportswomen.