Saturday, February 24, 2007

Congress MP Gulam Osmani's drunken revelry in train

Congress leader AF Goman Osmani who is a member of parliament from Assam created a scene onboard Rajdhani Express. He was absolutely drunk and created such a ruckus that families in compartment had to be shifted elsewhere.

The MP from Barpeta, who had earlier floated the United Muslim Front (UMF), allegedly shed his clothes and moved from one corner to other in the bogey. Watching Osmani on ETV, I felt disgusted.

He had the entire drinking paraphernalia around his berth and was totally out of his senses. The passengers said that despite their complaints, no action was taken against him. They rued that the 'leader' even danced in that state.

When the reporters of Sahara and ETV woke him up, Osmani's expressions and his speech were 'worth seeing'. 75-years-old AF Ghulam Osmani is a lawyer by profession who has studied at Dacca University, Calcutta and London.

This is not a first though and we have seen scores of such incidents of misbeheaviour by politicians during railway journey. Unfortunately law is applied selectively for ordinary people and politicians.

When a person is caught with a suspicious object in travel, he can be put to endless harassment but a politician Mahesh Joshi was caught with gun and dozens of live cartridges but he was simply let off.

Show me the man and I will show you the rule