Monday, February 05, 2007

KV Rao's salaam to Hyderabadi Muslims

I often see Etemaad (Urdu) newspaper of Hyderabad and for the last few weeks, this advertisement has been a regular feature.

Mr Kolla Venkat Rao, wearing a 'topi' and appealing to voters in English to cast their vote in his favour for the legislative council from Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Mahboobnagar districts.

Sort of liked the picture. The smile and the Aadab. Rao sahab has also got his cell phone number published with this advertisement. The day I receive 50 calls, my head begins to spin. I wonder how these people cope.

Though if a politician wears a fez or skullcap, it doesn't impress me much. Still, I haven't seen such advertisements in Urdu papers in any other city. I have also seen billboards with Andhra Chief Minister wearing the topi and wishing the Hajis during my visits to Hyderabad in the past.