Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Indian Muslims have been most vocal against terrorism: From Fatwas against terror to refusal to bury terrorists

Lot of 'prominent' people keep making this ridiculous charge, "You guys [Muslims] don't condemn terror". 

Actor Irrfan Khan recently said that Muslims are silent about terror attack. 

Really it's shocking when people say that Muslims don't speak up.

We have suffered, are suffering, so much because of it. And yes, Indian Muslims have been the most vocal in not just condemning but acting against terror. 

If you don't see your have fault in your eyes. Chamman Miyan doesn't know how to hold candle light vigil so his protests are ignored. 

But Ulema gather for anti-terror conferences, Muslims publicly cursed terrorists, the biggest fatwa against ISIS was issued in India, protests held in dozens of cities over the years. Muslims even refused burial to terrorists in graveyards. 

Ordinary Muslims have nothing to do with international politics. Are people of other faiths expected to come on streets to protest right-wing group's acts or is there pressure on them to speak up?. Muslims don't need to say it every day,  yet, Muslims are saying it loudly, clearly.

Yet, it's so easy to say.


1. Dont say Muslims don't act against terror. "No burial of terrorists on sacred soil of India"

2. Chamman Miyan gets no attention. He doesn't know that candle light vigils work for media 
3. Fatwa against ISIS from Indian Ulema. Who says Muslims don't condemn terrorism? 
4. These are images of India. Muslims on streets in Mumbai. Fatwa by 1,000 Ulema against ISIS 
5. "Muslims don't condemn terrorists"? Everyday. Here, thousands of Indian Ulema in 2008