Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Shameful: Right-wing Hindu group desecrate Lord Rama photo to cause communal riot in Gulbarga, six arrested

When six persons were arrested for alleged desecration of Lord Rama's photograph in a banner, the police were in for a shock.

The arrested persons were Hindu and they had links with the right-wing group Ram Sene [also spelt, Ram Sena].

This incident occurred in Shahbad in Gulbarga recently. Superintendent of Police (SP) N Sasikumar said that the aim was to create communal tension.

He said that those arrested told police that they were associated with Ram Sena.

The incident took place after the arrest of a youth for posting anti-Muslim content on social media. His arrest angered with the right-wing groups and a conspiracy was hatched to create communal tension.

Hence, the accsued themselves desecrated Lord Rama's photograph in the Vijaya Dashami banner, so that the blame could be put on Muslims, which would have led to communal tension.

Not the first incident

This is not the first such incident. A Pakistani flag was hoisted in Bijapur in Karnataka in 2012 After the incident, right-wing groups went on rampage.

However, all fizzled out when Ram Sena workers were arrested. Those arrested were mebers of the group's Sindgi unit. They had hosited flag in the campus of the town tehsildar in early hours.

But during inquiry it was found that a two-wheeler was seen on the wee hours at the office. On the basis of that, the two-wheeler owner and his accomplices were identified and taken in custody. They revealed the names of the other accomplices too.

Besides, there have been similar incidents in other parts of the country too. Clearly, the aim is to foment trouble and create divide between Hindus and Muslims. But the question is, 'How people get so indoctrinated that they could commit such acts?".


*Ram Sena men arrested in Gulbarga for throwing cow dung at banner
*Six arrested in Karnataka for desecration, six arrested

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