Monday, October 29, 2018

Class discrimination: Inherent social prejudices against poor in Indian society

Two days ago, I was with a friend. He kept blaming 'slum-dwellers' for everything that's bad in the country.

When youths passed by riding bike, he said--'Look at them, all have bikes, they're lawless, see their shanties with (cheap) power though we pay hefty bills.

The rant continued. I didn't argue or interrupt him, because it may have stopped him. I wanted to listen, more. He said about how the people with particular looks now reach high offices & sit at powerful posts.

And that how the shanty-walas have it easy in life unlike 'us'. Apart from religion, caste and region, this 'Class' factor is yet another 'bias'. If my business fails, I WON'T blame govt, its policies or my luck.

I WON'T accept that I failed, I will find certain enemy. That this particular bunch is responsible for my misery. That your own parents once lived in small house, had just fan & with great difficulty brought you to a level where your kids can't live without AC, you have made them luxury addict.

You are consuming more and more. Difficult to maintain it, now envy and hate those climbing ladder. This sort of elitism, class consciousness and discrimination--where you consider people of similar social status as 'own', while you consider the poor as those who should always do the menial jobs.

This is an altogether different phenomenon. Here, people may not be as casteist or communal or region-centric. Rather, they look down upon those who are poor. The 'have' Vs 'have-not' thing. Just think about it, you gobble up more and more, and want even more.

But if the other gets a bit more, you are enraged, because you want him to remain exactly at his 'place' in the society. Why should we be so selfish? Perhaps, this is not adequately dealt with in text books.

Once again, it shows that education doesn't mean that you get rid of your prejudices. Or it is the inherent selfishness within us, the human tendency to blame others!