Saturday, October 27, 2018

Eight-year-old Muslim boy murdered outside a Delhi madarsa: Hate crimes in India, rising Islamophobia in India

The murder of an eight-year-old boy, Azeem, who studied in a madarsa in Delhi, has again brought to fore the level of hate in the society.

The boy was murdered in a row with boys of the adjoining locality but this happened after series of incidents--throwing of beer bottles in Madarsa, attempts to disrupt Namaz, locals trying to get Ravana effigy burnt on the premises, amongst others.

The boys who attacked Azeem, caught him by his neck while others caught his hands. "On e of them threw him to ground. Others started to kcik and punch him. Some of them jumped on his chest and we all ran away looking for the Maulana", an eyewitness told Indian Express.

The cleric said that crackers were thrown and the madarsa students were abused. A woman, Saroj, had the temerity to threaten them even after killing the boy. Azeem's father works as a labourer in Mewat.

He wanted his son to become a translator working for a hospital, as his Arabic was good and people from Middle East arrive for treatment in Delhi. Azeem's two brothers also work as labourers, Indian Express reports.

The paper further mentions that 'Two men from the mosque insisted that he join them for a protest march. But Khalil Ahmad folded his hands and replied: A tree can not face a storm. I must bend or I will break. I want to leave with my son's body. I don't want to play politics over his death.

Rising Islamophobia, TV channels injected hatred in society

TV channels have been attacking madarsas and demonizing them for long.

This has resulted in changing social attitudes and hatred towards madarsas.

It is common for TV channels to term madarsas as regressive and even 'anti-national'.

It is this direct hate, which has worsened the situation. Madarsa students face abuse, hatred and barbs in public spaces.

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