Friday, July 15, 2005

Hats off to Britain for maturity in dealing with crisis

Despite the reports of rise in incidents of crime against ethnic minorities in United Kingdom, the country has largely remained peaceful.

Apart from minor incidents of arson, the British have maintained their calm in wake of London blasts. This is in sharp contrast with the manner in which right-wing groups act in India.

No sooner than a minor incident occurs, the entire Muslim populace has to bear the brunt of it and also the backlash despite no fault of its own.

On one hand, not only Tony Blaire but the entire leadership cutting across party lines has acted with great restraint, urging the people to maintain the harmony, here we have seen how head of states [Chief  Ministers] pay least attention even when mobs are out to kill at will.

In 1984 Sikhs were butchered on the streets of Delhi after the assassination of Mrs Gandhi. The state slept then and the police had turned Nelson's eye. The press was silent. Everything was hushed up and pushed under the carpet.

In 2002, the Gujarat riots saw Prime Minister and the entire central government turn away its face and the Chief Minister Narendra Modi almost supporting the carnage in which thousands were killed and millions displaced.

Hats off to you Brits.