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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Temple constructed by Aurangzeb & ULFA's '?' terrorism

Balaji temple for which Aurangzeb granted land
Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb had constructed a huge temple in Chitrakut (Uttar Pradesh) and made arrangement for the 'bhog' at this temple for generations.

Many consider Aurangzeb as a bigot and some historians have also termed the emperor as a 'fundamentalist'.

Aurangzeb had issued a 'firman' as per which 8 villages (330 bighas of land) were allotted for the upkeep of the temple besides Re 1 every day from the government fund.

However, the old arrangement continues till date though nearly 323 years have elapsed since then. Mahant Balram Das of the temple is in possession of the firmaan that was written on brass plate and issued on 19th of Islamic month of Ramzan.

As per the decree Sant Balak Das of Allahabad's Kalinjar pargana's Chitrakoot was given 330 bighas of land without any 'lagaan'. The temple is now in a poor state despite enormous funds at the disposal. The discord amongst Mahants has led to the situation, say locals.


Interestingly, Aurangzeb 'Alamgir' had not only got the temple constructed but also wrote the order of 'rajbhog', himself.

The land adjoining the Balaji temple has been encroached by local strongmen and the infighting among the temple committee has affected the structure, which is crumbling, says the District Magistrate, Chitrakoot, in a recent report.

The temple priests show the framed firman with pride. One of the photographs showing the priest, Mangal Das Ji, carrying the old firman is available here.

Now on ULFA killing HINDI speakers

The United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) has killed North Indians, mostly the Hindi-speakers. More than 75 persons have been killed in the last couple of days. Most of them hailed from Bihar.

ULFA needs to be reigned in. However, North East remains far off from the radar of the national media and news channels and unless there is a major tragedy, hardly any atention is paid to North Eastern states.

Off the cuff but I wonder what terrorism it is. What ideology it could be linked to or what Right/Left-wing militancy it could be? ULFA was anti-Muslim so it could not be Islamic militancy. However, given the reports that are appearing in press that ISI is training ULFA in Bangladesh, one might find ULFA also being branded Islamist-backed Militiancy or quasi-Islamic terrorism...


RS said...

given the reports that are appearing in press that ISI is training ULFA in Bangladesh, one might find ULFA also being branded Islamist-backed Militiancy or quasi-Islamic terrorism

What is the problem with you? Are you too suffering from seige mentality that Indian Muslims now a days suffer?

FYI ULFA consists of uppercaste Hindus originally formed to drive out Bangladeshi Muslims but now bankrolled by ISI and used by them to drive out non-Assamese Indians out so Bangladesh Muslims can take their place in Assam.

For more info read this article by Raman:


How do we know said...

I used to come to your blog bcs u said u tried to be as less biased as possible. In all these months, i have not seen even a single instance of that "trying".

At the end of the day, one is just deeply dissapointed.

You may choose to not approve this comment. It is not intended for mass consumption anyway, just wanted to communicate my dissapointment for the last time.

indscribe said...

...HDWK,how can I dare moderate a valuable comment! ...may be I am quite biased or emotional or just as RS said 'suffering from siege mentality'...so that reflects my ordinariness...it is better for me to be what I feel and write that...my frustrations also...without being political that what I should not write 'in order to sound more sensible'...ab jo hain so hain yaar...dil mein jo aaye voh kahna theek hai... what's your opinion. Regarding the 'trying to be less biased thing'...yes that helps me introspect....

Mariam said...

ISI is mostly consists of Punjabi Pakistanis and they hate Bengalis to death and I know that hatred is mutual. I think logic don’t buy this connection. Its like Hindu Indians and Pakistanis working together for a cause. Just for the record Pakistan too have lot of illegal Bangladeshis but mostly are concentrated in Karachi (non Punjabi domain). They do the work which locals think too lowly (whatever that means) and live in ghettos. With their hard work and cooking skills upper class hire them as cooks and often help to acquire travel documents so they can move too and fro.

Diganta said...

ULFA consists of uppercaste Hindus originally formed to drive out Bangladeshi Muslims but now bankrolled by ISI and used by them to drive out non-Assamese Indians out so Bangladesh Muslims can take their place in Assam. - How can somebody change their strategy 180 degrees? Especially a terrorist org? It's highly likely that ULFA is trained by some ISI agents but they did not shift out of their plans to drive out Muslims out of Assam. If you think ISI cares for Indian Muslims, then please think again.

indscribe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
indscribe said...

...not written about their strategy...my concern is only about terming most terror suspects as 'Islamic' terrorist....about media only how it flashes stories of terror attacks....

Diganta said...

about media only how it flashes stories of terror attacks.... - I don't think that'll happen that soon, since ULFA does not have Muslims inside their organization.

Anonymous said...

Read about the compulsions Aurangzeb had in making that temple.


Aslam said...

Have a look at "Aurangzeb, as he was according to Mughal Records"

This exhibition is based on Historical research and documents provided by BIKANER MUSEUM ARCHIVES.

click http://according-to-mughal-records.blogspot.com/

Islamoblogger said...

I've read many academic articles that state this very notion. That Aurangzeb is, in fact, misunderstood. The temples he burned were not because they were Temples, but b/c Temples were the central political and ideological centers of Indian villages and cities at the time (much like Mosques). Aurangzeb would, in fact, destroy what he did, on a political basis.

What people who spew anti-Aurangzeb propaganda neglect the fact that Aurangzeb also had the most Hindu's in his advisory, and was even instructed under a Sufi Pir, during his youth (who were notorious for their attempts to reconcile both Islam and Hinduism)


Hasan said...

Assalaamualaikum (May peace be on you all)

It's pretty sad that people, specially in our times, make their opinions just on hearsay and religion is no exception. They never try to get into the meaning and reality of it. Therefore its the duty of those who stand by the truth to propogate it to the best of their ability. Anyways...

I know that what is commonly known about Aurangzeb is all misrepresentation. I have been wanting for sometime to bring the true picture of Aurangzeb before people in whatever little way I can, but due to my laziness and some other reasons, I have not been able to do so. It would be kind of you, if you could provide me with some information about Aurangzeb, specially his dealings with temples with some proofs and evidences.


Always at your service
Hasan Muhammad Ali

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Good research, great job! But does that justifies the rise of Hindu anger in India? What do you expect from the present day Indian Muslim whose previous generation has fought for India's independence and decided to stay back in a Secular India when the facist Pakistani state took birth???

jai said...

Dear Anonymous

I sure those freedom fighters will not cosider aurangzeb as hero.
I am not seeing all muslims in same way, my complaint is with those who consider these acts as acts of heroism to spread Islam.
It is very common to see that even educated muslim celebrates on winning of pakistan against India in cricket match

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

I had posted two comments on this blog but were not published. Were they offensive in nature ??? If yes kindly let me know.

wasim said...

Islam is not what muslims or muslim rulers do...wars or conquests in any part of the world resulted in same kind of plunder...if u want to know islam..the best example is the life of Prophet Muhammad.

Mohammed Umar Kairanvi said...

इस विषय पर और अधिक जानने के लिये पढें तफसीली पूर्व गवर्नर का लेख ''औरंगज़ेब ने मन्दिर तोडा तो मस्जिद भी तोडी लेकिन क्यूँ?''
डायरेक्‍ट लिंक

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:

Dear, Indian Muslims have nothing to do with what Aurangzeb did, neither present-day-Muslims have to be apologetic about Aurangzeb.

But this seem unfortunate that some people are 'trying' to paint Aurangzeb as 'secular' by citing odd incidents [not caring about authenticity of these citations]
It is well established that Aurangzeb was a bigot; and had done plenty of 'harm' to non-muslims of those days. [This is well established by a variety of historians]

Let history be as 'undistorted' as possible. There is no need to gloss over the mis-deeds of past days rulers.

Anonymous said...

Lets assume for the sake of argument that Aurangzeb was a bigot,what would you call ''chandasoka ''the great'' who butchered lakhs of innocents in kalinga? Furthermore lets assume that aurangzeb destroyed temples, what about ''lingayats'' who demolished many jain and bhudist monasteries in tamilnadu and karnataka? What about Harsha whom kalhana in rajtaringini describes as ''yavana''?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a GREAT lot to the Anonymous who posted about the Hindu king of Kashmir, Harsha Deva. A fitting reply to the other anonymous who posted about Ibrahim Lone stuff. Right on target!

How conveniently history is left out in India when Hindus are the terrorists. I've been hearing this "Aurangazeb is a bigot" stuff for years. Harsha Deva was pure devil incarnation who raped (violated?) his own cousin sister.

Read more about him here:


William Dalrymple in a review of The Buddha and the Sahibs by Charles Allen published in The Guardian[1] writes:

"It was because of this persecution, several centuries before the arrival of Islam, that the philosophy of the Buddha, once a serious rival to Hinduism, virtually disappeared from India: Harsha Deva, a single Kashmiri raja, for example boasted that he had destroyed no less than 4,000 Buddhist shrines."

Bottomline is this: you can't pick and choose atrocities by earlier kings. If you must scrutinize the conduct of earlier Muslim rulers, you must bring the conduct of Hindu rulers also under the scanner. No other ways about it.

Anonymous said...

Aurangzeb was neither secular nor religious
but he is often portrayed as a typical tyrant Muslim ruler killing Hindus and destroying temples

in a book "Kuldayvat" published by gov of Maharashtra, Aurangzeb often visited the temple of tuljabhavani and even had bestowed many rewards on the temple.also he even worshiped khandoba and used to called him zhallu khan.

When in delhi he brutally murdered sufi saint sufisarmast.

point to be taken is that he merely wanted to rule his empire and all his actions were not like a Hindu killing ugly Muslim ruler .he was tyrant but to everyone, even to his own blood relatives.

Raul Brammin said...

Ok . I am a Hindu ( non practising ) in a house where my father is a Brahmin, mum a christian, brother married to a muslim girl , sister married to a muslim man and well I am gay and partners with a pakistani muslim. Too much to take ?


Leave everyone to themselves .

Secondly, as a Hindu and with siblings who actually practise CHRISTIANITy and not hinduism, my take on Aurangzeb is not very good.

Agreed that Indian muslims need not be apologetic about Aurangzebs horrendous profile. But Muslims who are trying to feel better by saying Aurangzeb made TEMPLES is TOO MUCH !

Please do not distort history to this effect. I know extremist Hindus ( who I do not like ) and even WHITES who tell me with proof that many Islamic monuments were built over hindu temple foundations after destroying their layouts first. Should I believe this ?

I am sure you wouldnt appreciate such rumours floating around.

To make the non muslim appreciate you, you must be able to accept the flaws in the people who do follow your religion as well as we do ours.. And hindus are willing to be rational.

I will never be a conservative hindu but I am Pro hindu. I do not appreciate people making fun of hindus in their own land!

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,
plese not potrary Aurengzeb is tolernt king.He was not only hostile to Hindus even Shia and sufisam. He was pioneer for wahabhisam.
Anyway, he not connected to present day Indian muslims.If you try to do, then we have to suspect your intentions.

RPS KOHLI Ruby said...

Regain National PRIDE by renaming Aurangzeb Road (Cruel Intolerant Tyrant) to Guru Tegh Bahadur Road (Epitome of Sacrifice for All Religions)

My Fellow Citizens

Please do not mistake this for HATE or another attempt to rake up the past or religious bigotry. I have the fullest respect for our Muslim brothers and hold the Muslims in reverence.

So, it is necessary to regain our National Pride and make wrong things RIGHT!

I am OUTRAGED that a road where Billionaires live and a stone’s throw away from the Prime Minister’s residence; is named after one of the most tyrannical tormentor perpetrator of Intolerant Inhuman Barbaric crimes in India.

The decorated glorification is AURANGZEB ROAD. This road serves as a constant reminder of the horrors Aurangzeb perpetrated against Indians, including his own people. Emperor Aurangzeb has the following claims to his fame:

- Executed own brother Dara Shikoh for taking an interest in Hindu religion.

- Confined his father in his own palace at Agra. Killed one brother and had two other brothers, a son, and a nephew executed.

- Initiated laws, which interfered with non-Muslim worship.

- Enforced the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam with economic and political coercion. His rule significantly favoured Muslims over non-Muslims.

- Ordered the destruction of non-Muslim sacred places, idols, temples; over four figures. Lord Krishna's birth temple in Mathura; the rebuilt Somnath temple on the coast of Gujarat; the Vishnu temple replaced with the Alamgir mosque now overlooking Benares; and the Treta-ka-Thakur temple in Ayodhya.

- Ordered the enslavement of Christian missionaries.

Tortured and killed prisoners of war, political prisoners, and anyone he considered unIslamic.

- Imposed ever-higher taxes the hated jizya, or poll tax, on non-Muslims in 1679 in order to pay for his wars.

- Non-Muslims were not permitted to keep arms or Turbans.

- Forced conversions of Kashmiri Pandits who then pleaded with 9th Sikh Guru Guru Tegh Bahadur, for help. Guru Tegh Bahadur was MARTYRED on the orders of Aurangzeb for protecting the religious freedom of non-Muslims in Mughal India. Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Sati Das were also executed on his orders. His son the 10th Sikh Guru Guru Gobind Singh was persecuted and his whole family was martyred including his wife and four young kids apart from his close associates.

The Guidelines mandated to the State Names Authority under Delhi Government say “Names of Roads: The service rendered by the nominee to the nation and particularly to Delhi will be the major guiding principle for taking a decision.”

In the same Capital where the 9th Sikh Guru laid down his life in defiance of forced conversion of Kashmiri Pandits, the Government has named a road after the cruel Hitlerian ruler. No street is named after Hitler in the West, yet in New Delhi we have Aurangzeb Road.

In the same Guidelines issued to State Names Authority, Delhi; it is mentioned” Change should not be made merely on grounds of local patriotism or for linguistic reasons, e.g. villages etc. should not be renamed after national leaders merely to show respect to them or for satisfying local sentiment in the matter of language etc. An exception can, however, be made in the case of Martyrs where the name can be suitably added to the name of a place sought to be changed, if a request is made by the State government to that effect and there is general recognition of the role of the Martyr in national life.”

I Appeal to fellow Indians who consider Guru Tegh Bahadur ji as a symbol of sacrifice for all Religions and as a MARTYR who laid down his life to save other fellow Indians, to please SIGN this petition and regain National PRIDE!


God Bless!