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Saturday, January 06, 2007

'Nanded Blast: The Hindu Hand' & Keith Ellison takes oath on Quran in US Congress

At last a national newspaper has done a detailed story on the involvement of Hindu extremist organisations in the blasts near mosques in Maharashtra.

Tehelka writes that 'Narco-analysis and brain-mapping reports of accused and the Maharashtra police's ATS findings reveal an alarming trend.

This is about local Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) activists [and individuals associated with Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal[ raising their own terror networks'. You can read the report here.

Shashwat Gupta Ray's comprehensive story in the weekly paper dated December 30 reveals that Nanded blast accused Himanshu Panse said 'Bomb attacks outside the mosques are the only way to safeguard Hindus'.

'We will be treated like hijras (eunuchs) if we don't take action. Counter-attacks are the only way of avenging terror attacks', Panse said. The motive was to avenge the killing of Hindus in terror attacks.

The blasts in central Maharashtra occurred between 1.45 and 2 pm at the towns' most prominent mosques, just after Friday prayers, when the attendance is maximum. For weeks the Urdu papers were shouting but national media did not pay heed. There were some references though.

On this blog also, this issue was raised earlier.

In United States, history was made when democart Keith Ellison became the first Muslim to become a member of US Congress. His decision to take oath on Quran (and not Bible) had even drawn criticism from conservatives.

However, Ellison remained unperturbed. He took the copy of Quran that was once owned by Americal president Thomas Jefferson, and took oath (this was termed by many newspapers as a PR masterstroke). Later Ellison said that Quran also inspired the founders of America. Ellison, a lawyer from Minnesota, had converted to Islam during his college years.


Anonymous said...

Yeh to hona hee thaa... How long do you think they would have offered the other cheek. Unfortunately Hindu terrorist is still a way too weak and ungainly thing...
Somehow you didn't label Bangalore attackers a Muslim terrorist, the varanasi bomber as Muslim, the Bombay bomers as muslim, the Parliament raiders as Muslim, the ISI trained terrorist Muslim...but when attacked others are terrorists.

sharique said...

I completely agree with you but why did you post as anonymous, you fear revealing your identity when you championing for the cause of Hinduism?
C'mon man let us know who you are.

Adnan bhai,
Iska kya matlab hai "hat was once owned by Americal president Thomas Jefferson"

indscribe said...

This particular copy of Quran was in the personal collection of Jefferson and kept in the library of congress.
This was a political statement that founders of America also drew inspiration from Islam.

Anonymous said...

Well, u think that only Muslims has the right to terrorise Hindus ! It is hightime to feel that if attacked a very simple creature reacts (sometimes violently). But it is still doubtful whether it is infight between your sect or reaction from Hindus.
Rourkela . orissa.