Monday, February 29, 2016

Union minister Ram Shankar Katheria warns Muslims in Agra, Hindus urged to pick up guns and take revenge: Will he be booked for sedition, hate speech?

This is unimaginable but true. A union minister and BJP MP threatening and abusing Muslims openly.

Other speakers urging Hindus to take up weapons, terming Muslims as 'demons' and exhorting for 'final battle'.

Besides, speaker after speaker, talking of how to show the Hindu strength and 'destroy Muslims'.

Indian Express has reported it on Front page. That there were BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS leaders who spewed hate openly against Muslims and gave a call for violence and revenge, shows how the situation has worsened in the country.

In the city of love, Agra, so much hatred is spread. The man preaches hate, wants to divide the country on communal lines, calls own country men [Muslims] as 'enemy' and he is still a UNION MINISTER! Incredible India.

This is happening in a supposedly evolved and great democracy like India. All institutions seem paralysed.

Do we hear Union ministers giving call for violence against minorities in any other neighbouring country, even those nations that are notorious.

The Centre should have taken immediate steps after he attended the meeting and made the inflammatory, criminal speech.

This man should have been dropped from Union cabinet immediately. In fact, Katheria should have been arrested by now.

*Will sedition case be registered against him by Akhilesh government?
*Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi take action against Katheria for hate speech?
*Will National Commission for Minorities (NCM) take action?