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Monday, February 25, 2008

Anti-Terrorism Convention at Deoband: Will it succeed or meet the fate of Lucknow conference

Darul Uloom Deoband is hosting a convention against terrorism on February 25.

Apart from representatives of hundreds of leading seminaries and madarsas, the heads of Jamat-e-Islami, Jamat Ahl-e-Hadis and All India Muslim Personal Law Board chief are going to attend it.

The agenda will be to send a strong message against terrorism. And also to counter the propaganda that links madarsas with terrorism.

The Darul Uloom Rector Maulana Marghoobur Rahman has said that fundamentalist forces, sections of media and fundamentalist organisations are spreading falsehoods.

Despite LK Advani's [in his capacity as Home Minster of India] assertion in Parliament that no Indian madarsa is involved in any such activity, the madarsas are regularly targeted and baseless charges are made, trying to defame the educational institutions.

The aim is also to urge the government to stop the excesses on Muslims. I wonder if any lesson has been learnt from the failure of the recent Lucknow conference.

Why the Islamic clergy never invite the cream of intellectuals, editors, social activists and leading lawyers from Delhi, Mumbai and other cities. Unless the madarsas reach out to them, all such exercises would remain futile.

The criminal act of lawyers in UP who refuse to take up the case of anybody accused by police of terrorism, hasn't become an issue yet. Youths are languishing in jail (Not many are fortunate like Aftab Alam, who managed to get back to his Kolkata home).

You discuss a issue among yourself and nobody is going to bother. The Lucknow conference had hardly found any mention in the media. [See my earlier post on Arrests of innocent Muslim youths and failure of Ulema] This is the era of Public Relationing.

Unfortunately Islamic seminaries remain out of sync with times in this country. And the great institutions, which played a leading role in freedom movement, are today in the dock and having to explain their case.


The Court has ordered release of Haji Ishtiaq, who was arrested for issuing a 'threat to Mayawati'. The same police that was hell-bent on 'proving' his links with terrorism and had even charged him with National Security Act (NSA), has filed the report to end the case.


Manas Shaikh said...

It was covered by the newspapers. Hindu covered it front page, and the reporting was good.

Anonymous said...

Pls sign the Petition to Wikipedia for removal of Prophet's (PBUH) images


KhadakSingh said...

Salaam Brother,
Glad to see your work & not to mention I am a regular reader of your blog.
I too had the opinion that Moulvi's should reach the intellectuals for a good PR campaign, until I read your blog.
All praises to Almighty, lets ponder & think, why should not we (so called intellectuals)reach them to assist in getting them the respect they deserve for their selfless service to Islam & its poor diaspora?

Tathagata Mukherjee said...

Wahiullah, a Madrasa Teacher from Phulpur (Uttar Pradesh) was caught for bombing Varanasi Station. His said, he bombed Varanasi station because it looks similar to a temple.

He is a pass out of Deoband.

Deoband, Ale Hadis, Tablighi Jamat are islamist groups. One of Deoband's inspiration is Shah Wahiullah, the same person who invited Abdali to invade India for establishing Islamic state.

Its most most regressive to see educated Muslim like the gentleman who maintains this site is supporting what Deoband, Ale Hadis, Tablighi Jamat is saying.

Gone are the days of nationalist poet Nazrul Islam, or Maulana Azad, or president APJ Kalam.

A large blame for this goes to Psuedo parties, intellectuals who could not take a stand against growing Islamism. And also on educated Muslims.

Anyway, its your choice whom you choose. But needless to say, it has major political, social consequences.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mukherjee.

This is the exact problem when people like you fail to understand the issue. Terrorists should be arrested but the issue is different.

It is of innocents arrested by police to show their 'efficiency'. They are mostly poor. If ever a family member of your family gets caught in a case, false, (God forbid), you might probably understand.

Tatha Mukherjee said...

How many people punished by Indian COurts for death of 50,000 Indians in Kashmir Jehad from late 1980s?

Answer is: less than 10, that too for flouting Indian Visa, passports. Not for terrorism. HOW LONG THIS WILL CONTINUE? DOES IT HAPPEN IN ANY SANE COUNTRY?

It needs a great deal of political conviction, courage to pursue these case. Muslim groups have been whipping up passion whenever somebody is caught after any act of terrorism. THEY NEVER SPEAK FOR THE VICTIMS.

End result of all these will be: Muslims will be more ghettoized, marginalised for acts of misguided jehadis and inability of Muslim society to stand up, condemn terrorism and show sympathy with victims.

Tathagata said...

Anon Guy>>It is of innocents arrested by police to show their 'efficiency'. They are mostly poor.

Do you deny that administration dilutes cases depending on the perception of votebank?

What does Madani case say? Or recent release of those who were behind bars for Marad massacre in Kerala. There are so many many examples. Or do you deny that no Muslim caught for spreading jehadi terror in India?

Fact of the matter is, a large section of Muslims are now victim of 'victimhood' and drifting towards radicalism to a varying degree. Psuedo polemicists, media, political parties all are to be blamed for this. ITS THEY WHO CREATE VICTIMHOOD AMONGST MUSLIMS WHICH IS THEN TAKEN ADVAMTAGED OFF BY ISLAMISTS, JEHADIS.

Tathagata Mukherjee said...

And see the double standard.

CPIM is most vocal against POTA.

But did CPIM apply POTA in case of the person who is going thro' trial for bombing of US COnsulate in Calcutta?
Did CPIM apply POTA to Rashid Khan, whose building blew up in 1992-92 in Bowbazar where his men stacked up major arms and bombs?

Answer to both these questions : YES, CPIM APPLIED POTA TO BOTH CASES.

But, CPIM whips up passion when Modi applies POTA in Gujarat.

When will Muslims understand they are taken for a ride for votebank?

Muhammed said...

It is regrettable that the Indian Muslim clergy has taken such a long time to "discover" that terrorist activities are unIslamic!
Their contention that" the biggest minority in India is being marginalised, targetted and haunted in the name of terrorism",,it is submitted, is very much belated and jejune remark!
Even now they have not declared that terrorists cannot be deemed as "muslims" and any one who misleads them in the name if "Jihad" is not true to the letter and spirit of the Holy Quran.
I strongly believe that Jihad means "striving to the utmost" only. Quranic verses 9:73; 25:52;29:69; 61:91 and 66:9,vouch the same.
After the revelation of verse 52 of the chapter 25, defining the Jihade Akbar(great Jihad), jihad in the sense of :fighting in the cause of Allah", has "ceased to exist".The tweleve Holy Crusades led by European Christian armies against Arabs to recapture the holy city of Jerusalem, between 1096 and 1291 A.D., have not been
referred to as Jihads be Muslims!
The Khilafat Movements call fo jihad to reestablish caliphate in1920s had very poor response.
All these prove that muslims are enjoined till the end of the world only "to strive against the disbelievers withthe utmost strenuousness with the Holy Quran only!"( H.Q.25:52).
Again we are obliged to "call (all) to the way of our Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching as well as the best and the most gracious arguments".(H.Q.16:125).
In verse 143 of Chapter 2 of the Holy Quran,Allah has declared that He has made us " middle -order community". Hence, at no time we could slip to the level of "reactionaries" nor skyrocket to the extreme level of "terrorists"!
Threfore, those indulging in terrorist activities cannot be deemed as "Muslims">

Imran Mulla said...

We need a RP agency to handle issued like this.... in this age of media explosion.. where each and every step is scrutinised by the media, which makes or breaks the issue. We need to highlight the issues of police brutality against the innocent muslims who are routinely rounded off .