Saturday, February 09, 2008

List of Hindi Blogs: Directory of Hindi bloggers

Hindi Blogosphere is quite an interesting place. I often read a few Hindi blogs and the directness of the language and the angst of some bloggers apart from the intensity of their emotions strikes me.

Many of my friends in vernacular media keep asking me about Hindi blogs. I promise that I will recommend them a few names but then I forget. There is no directory though there are aggregators. Here is a list of some interesting Hindi blogs which I read:

Mohalla [Avinash]
Nirmal Anand [Abhay Tiwari]
Masijeevi [Masijeevi]
Udan Tashtari

Qasba [Ravish Kumar]
Dhai Akhar [Nasiruddin]
Tuti Hui Bikhri Hui
Ravi Ratlami

And a few more blogs:

Azdak [Pramod Singh]
Ashiyana [Rajeev Ranjan]
Kakesh by Kakesh
Saasta Sher
Maykhana [Munish]
Amir Dharti Gharib Log [Anil Pusadkar]

If you are not content with the list, which is a personal collection of the best blogs. You can go to blog aggregators and read dozens of blogs every day and scores of fresh posts.


I can remember these bloggers right now. Later this list may be extended. But for someone who is new to Hindi blogosphere, it is advised to go to the links in the sidebar of the above mentioned blogs and find new and interesting blogs.

Though I belong to Lucknow and my mother tongue is Urdu, I find it disturbing that there are hardly a few blogs in Urdu from India. However, it is gladdening to see Hindi blogs increasing in numbers and devanagari script getting popular on the web especially among the bloggers