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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reprinting caricatures: Extreme act of provocation by Denmark newspapers

The newspapers in Denmark have republished the same caricatures that had offended Muslims across the world. Their decision to print the cartoons is not a 'solidarity to the commitment to free speech, which they claim.

Rather, it is an act of provocation that shows extreme insensitivity, and criminal chutzpah. The newspapers have overstepped all limits of decency and their decision goes against the Danish values, which the Danes have been so proud of.

The caricature is not just offensive because Islam forbids pictorial depiction of Prophet, but also because the 'bomb-shaped turban' in the caricature is a fascistic attempt and such hatespeak is unimaginable in a continent where the mention of Holocaust and doubts on its veracity can land a person in jail.

Clearly, when it comes to Islam, things are different. Hurting sentiments no longer remains an issue. Given the kind of furore the cartoon controversy had generated in the past, the irresponsible reprinting can severely hurt the process of reconciliation between Muslim countries and Europe.

It will certainly anger Muslims in Europe and especially Denmark, who will naturally feel humiliated. The papers including Jyllands-Posten, Politiken, Berlingske Tidende and the Ekstra Bladet tabloid must be condemned for such cheap journalism.

Over a year ago when the caricatures were initially published, a photo and post was published on this blog about Muslims organising rallies in India and holding placards carrying the message, 'We believe in Jesus, can't you respect Muhammad?'. Any answers from Denmark?

[Photo: Picture of the office of Jyllands Posten newspaper]


Urdudaan said...

They are NOT doing journalism. They are in fact dragging muslims into resorting to similar attacks on their religion and proving their point (there is always one).

Muslim retaliation is bound to happen sooner or later as they are left with no option but to imitate such cheap acts of western civilization. Law is made to consider this as 'freedom of expression' and civic values are just to be expected from muslims and never reciprocated to them.

It makes me uncomfortable thinking of Muslims left with no options doing such mud-slinging on other religions.

Anser Azim said...

I do not know what one should do to these barking dogs. There are reasons behind these provocations (barks=fear). I hope the west can undersatnd that on this issue muslims can never aquire immunity as this is against prophet (PBUH) of all islamic sects. Let the world know peacefully that its not acceptable in anyform.

Ye manzilen !! said...

I think muslims are doing "something" right.....dunno what and where....

As Gandhi said they will first ignore you,insult you and then fight with you...

velvethammer said...

"...and criminal chutzpah."

Then how pray tell would you describe the violent protests by Muslims in regards to the cartoons?
If those involved in the re-publishing the cartoons are acting out "criminal chutzpah" then the violent Muslim riots are beyond the pale. There are no excuses and no justifications to be found. Period. As offended as some Muslims may be, said offense should not of ever led to the deaths of another human being.

"The caricature is not just offensive because Islam forbids pictorial depiction of Prophet,"

Key phrase in bold. As the entire world's people are not Muslim why should they follow along with Islamic doctrine? Answer they should not have to. By any stretch of the imagination.

"...but also because the 'bomb-shaped turban' in the caricature is a fascistic attempt"

"What the cartoonist wanted to say with his cartoon was that many people exploit the prophet to legitimize terror. However, the cartoon was widely seen as a depiction of the prophet as a terrorist."

Which has been proven a hundred fold.

"Berlingske Tidende newspaper did not print the cartoons during the crisis which followed the cartoons' original publication. But Lisbeth Knudsen, its current editor-in-chief, said doing so now was intended as 'a clear and unambiguous message' to extremists"

"We can't accept that freedom of speech be taken hostage by religious fanaticism. Freedom of speech can be respectful and tolerant, but it should never be intimidated into silence."

Above all else is the plot to kill Kurt Westergaard. Highly unacceptable in a civilized society.

Urdudaan said...


Your thoughts stink. They are devoid of any logic. If I call you a rascal, I am just 'exploiting' freedom of expression.

Velvet Hammer said...


Could you please clarify why you feel my my "thoughts are devoid of any logic". I truly want to understand where you are coming from.

Do you believe in your heart of hearts that violence and death and destruction is a fair response to a cartoon?

I get that Muslims find the cartoons offensive. I do. But death and violence as revenge?? I can not understand why anyone would think that should be even remotely considered the right way to protest. It is neither sane nor logical. Or civilized for that matter.

Why should Westerners follow the laws of Islam? Do you follow all other religious doctrines other than Islam? Of course you do not. So why do Muslims expect non-Muslims to obey Islam? That is kooky and illogical ! lol


'We believe in Jesus, can't you respect Muhammad?

Maybe so. Though there is a huge difference. You change the story of Jesus. Twisting it all around. It could be considered blasphemous. But to Christians only fellow Christians can commit blasphemy.

Christians do not expect others to go along with all they say. We sure as heck do not hold violent & deadly global riots. To the tune of thousands of participants. There are no death threats. No bounties offered for beheadings. No deaths as in Theo Van Gogh.

Velvet Hammer said...


"If I call you a rascal, I am just 'exploiting' freedom of expression."

Sticks and stones. lol

Thought for the day...
“If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed.” -Benjamin Franklin

Urdudaan said...

Dear Velvet-hammer!

I am happy to see that you are seeking to know what is it in your writing that others do not find appropriate (This does not necessarily mean that you are wrong). Many insensible people disappear after making even outrageous statements, which shows lack of sincerity to say the least. Anyway...

I find it quite illogical when you slap somebody and if he hurts you in reaction, you tell this entire episode in a reverse sequence of events.

So far as the 'violence' is concerned, I find it outrageous even when people come out of their homes for work. If they didn't, there would be no accidents, corruption or harrasment. Such people are so mean they do not mind taking others lives for their own earnings. :)

Each religion has its own philosophy. Christians consider Jesus to be God. Muslims consider him to be a true prophet, passionate to others. Islam is particular about Halal, while sikhism considers it cruel and so forbid it. Christians do have alcohol in Church, whereas Islam forbids alcohol in general. Hindus believe in multiple Gods.

All the above examples suggest that every religion is free to have its own doctrine without caring for whether they go against some other religion. Muslims do not see hindus believing in multiple gods a reaction to Islam. Neither do Sikhs consider that Islam insists on Halaal in reaction to the Sikh practice.
Similarly, Christians should continue to have alcohol in Church without preaching that Muslims hate their happiness and their enjoying alcohol and hence it is forbidden in Islam.

To your question: "Why do Muslims expect others to obey Islam". Though this is so illogical and is not worth answering, nevertheless;
Not hurting other's sentiments is the least expected of any civilized people. Westerners and Christians show an utter lack of it by uttering such sentences.

I wonder why can't westerners express themselves without hurting others. Having done that they start scrutinizing minute details of reaction rather than what caused the reaction.

I am quite sure you already understand all this.

So, the real questions to ask might be:

1. Where does my freedom of expression end?

2. If precaution is better than cure, should the cartoon be fixed or the Muslims?

3. If Muslims are fine with Christians and others not considering Muhammad as a prophet.
Why can't Christians be fine with Muslims not considering Jesus as their God?

Why so much reaction to Muslims not believing in your God (Jesus) and consider it a contempt and do all such mud slinging by exloiting 'freedom of expression'?

Anonymous said...

i didn't read whole of what was written but some of the first statements provoked me to write a comment immediately.

Even if a danish newspaper has published the caricrature , why there is so much hue and cry about it. why is Islam always against free speech?

If u all people beleive in allah so much, then why don't you allow only him to decide ( only if anything like that exists ). I firmly beleive that everyone on this earth has a right to speech. i am not saying that whether printing of those cartoons was a good act or heinous one, It may have hurted thousand of sentiments but why islam is so close minded that it can't ignore any of these issues.....

Anonymous said...

Islam close minded?What you know of Islam to judge it this way?!
You know nothing,this is obvious!
Not only you but all who dared to caricature the prophet this way,simply because those who knew him must respect him this is only because he deserves to be respected.As any prophet in fact,Jesus and the rest are entirely respected by muslims.And if the story of the christ is different in Coran this is another issue,don't mix themes!
The problem is that you are always
seeing muslims as reference to Islam,which is not always correct.
Islam is innocent from muslim's bad behaviour.The prophet Mohammed is far away all this too.
He is a great person,a man who suffered a lot to protect and to convey the message of Allah to humanity.Those who can't respect him they are either jews as usual or ignorant.I want you to know that i'm not muslim but i'am only saying the truth.And i'am not racist or anti-semitic but it is clear that jewish people don't lose any occasion to insult muslims or to harm them somehow.
But i think that the sole religion-as statistics show-that will resist and everlast is Islam because so many are converting into it,and their number is increasing day by day.Finally,the more you insult The prophet of muslims,the more people love him.
Really,i have to say-thank you-on behalf of all muslims,you are doing a service to Islam,the purest religion of the world as i noticed after a long study i have done.If i could see this Great prophet i will only say thank you for all you did to humanity.
There is difference between those who know you and others who don't.