Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Jantar Mantar in a girl's brown eyes

I was watching a mushaira on television. Eminent Urdu poet Rahat Indori was reciting his verses in his characteristic style. Though he is not considered a poet of classical style, this ghazal succeeded in enchanting the audience.

A few couplets that I noted down:

Uski katthai aankhon mein hain jantar mantar sab
Chaaqu waaqu, chhuriyan wuriyan, khanjar wanjar sab

Jab se woh roothe hain, roothe roothe se lagte hain
takia wakia, chadar wadar, bistar wistar sab

Read Rahat Indori's ghazals in Urdu, English & Hindi scripts. CLICK HERE

More than words it is his style of delivery that brings a dramatic impact. Also, I had the privilege of listening to Jamia Chancellor Syed Hamid, a great educationist. 

Hai kahan tamanna ka doosra qadam ya rab
Hamne dasht-e-imkaan ko ek naqsh-e-paa paya

This is a Mirza Ghalib poet. Hamid sahab quoted it during his speech. One could see the desire and passion in his words. That people would stop being pessimistic and instead get to their feet and go about chasing their dreams.

But then how many people who listen bring the thoughts into their actions.