Thursday, December 08, 2005

RSS chief exhorts Hindus to produce more children in order to check demographic changes in India

RSS-walas can be allowed to marry for more kids!
The irresponsible statements of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [RSS] chief Sudarshan exhorting the Hindus to produce more children has hardly drawn any attention or criticism.

Had any minor leader of any other community made a similar statement, mediamen and political parties would have been baying for his blood.

But, it seems the hate-preachers of a particular hue are exempted from any criticism. All their diatribe goes without any censure. 

States like Madhya Pradesh have already ordered revoking the ban on those with more than two children from contesting elections to panchayats. Sudarshan was speaking at the function to release a book on changing religious demography of India.

The RSS chief said that 3-4 children per parents would be fine, as this will ensure that the religious demography of India isn't changed or affected. Sangh leaders who issue such calls should remember that this issue is not linked with religion.

In Muslims, the educated have fewer kids. Similarly, in Hindus, Dalits tend to have more children and have much higher birth rate. Besides, Sangh should also think of sparing its own volunteers, who don't marry. If one goes by this theory then, celibacy among RSS cadres affects the Hindu Rashtra most.

Shouldn't Sangh activists marry and have kids? After all, they would be able to imbibe Hindu culture and Hindutva among their own children, better than the other normal Hindus. And there are lakhs of Swayamsevaks, wasting their vigour and vitality.