Thursday, December 15, 2005

Muslims storm Indian mindscape

So I was back home in the afternoon and watched Star News. The newsreader read the headlines:

1.Arrest warrant issued against Salman Khan in black buck hunting case (the actor had not responded to court's summons and the plea the last time was that he had dyed his hair so couldn't move out of Mumbai)

2. The car of Chhote Nawab (Saif Ali Khan) hits a boy

3. Irfan Pathan's 93* against Sri Lanka strengthen India's position (India later won the test and talks about Irfan being the next Kapil Dev have begun)

4. Abu Salem's aide arrested from Mumbai airport

All the four top headlines were about Muslims. What a turnaround. Heroes or Antiheroes. Muslims have arrived in India like never before. Good Muslims and Bad Muslims but not without Muslims.

Sanghis better watchout! They would prefer more news about Muslim criminals, as such news items demonise Islam and the Muslims. But seems positive news from Muslims is now coming much more than the negative news.

We are having heroes like Irfan and Sania Mirza. Not just the bad boys. At least, the scenerio is better than it was till a couple of years back. Hoping that it keeps getting better in future.