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Friday, December 30, 2005

A Mumbai-based poet's Urdu ghazal

Abdul Ahad 'Saaz'
It is commonly heard that quality literature is not being written in this era but I don't agree. It is true that the era of Manto-Rajinder Singh Bedi-Krishan Chander-Asmat is long gone in Urdu prose and so is the era of Faiz-Majaz-Makhdoom-Sardar Jafri.

But there is no dearth of litterateurs and poets whose writings can astonish you. The difference is that people are not reading much in the current era. Abdul Ahad Saaz is one of the leading contemporary poets from Mumbai.

Read his Ghazal:

Khud ko kyoon jism ka zindaani karein
Fikr ko takht-e-suleimani karein

Der tak baith kar sochein khud ko
Aaj phir ghar mein biyaabaani karein

Apne kamre mein sajayen aafaaq
Jalsa-e-bay-sar-o-samaani karein

Umar bhar she'r kahein, khoon thookein
Muntakhib rasta-e-nuqsaani karein

Khud ke liye mol lein izhar ka qarz
Doosron ke liye aasaani karein

She'r ke lab par khamoshi likhein
Harf-e-nagufta ko la-faani karein

Keemiyakari hai fan apna Saaz
Aag ko haithe hue paani karein

Abdul Ahad Saaz

To read this ghazal and more verses in Urdu, Hindi and English, CLICK HERE


Attiq-ur-Rehman said...

you have chosen a nice subject i mean Urdu poetry.
i am listed u in my blog rol.
isn't possibble to use Urdu script?

ajsuhail said...


You are doing a great job. My only suggestion is that you provide an english translation for those of us whose Urdu is not as FASEEH as yours.

Running With Devil said...

well certainly the ghazal is good. but the thing is i couldn't get the point wat u guys are interested in??? only Urdu literature in general or some specific kind of it. like revolutinary like Faiz, Jalib, and other. or romantic like Ghalib and all. can i get a better idea?