Sunday, September 17, 2006

AnIndian Muslim's poem on humanity in response to Pope's comments regarding Islam

I am a Muslim
Believer in Almighty Allah
And His prophets, Muhammad being the last
...I have faith in Hazrat Isa, whom many call Jesus, and his miracles
As a kid I was also fascinated by Ramayana
And the army of Ramachandraji
The tales of Lord Krishna have enchanted me
And I have immense respect for them
[much before some one spoke about
And there are moments when the thought of Buddha of Kapilvastu makes me serene
I am also inspired by
Varddhaman's renunciation and the message of the saint from Talwandi*...
I respect them all

....but then who is this Pope?

Does his comments on a great religion and my beloved Prophet matter?....the least for me. [This article or verse was written in response to Pope Benedict's comments that were condemned across the world and Vatican had later issued a clarification]

*Guru Nanak was born in Talwandi, now known as Nankana Sahib [in Pakistan]

[mukhyadhara=mainstream or qaumi dhara, is the term used by right-wing in India, to tell Muslims that they are not yet part of the mainstream]