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Sunday, September 17, 2006

AnIndian Muslim's poem on humanity in response to Pope's comments regarding Islam

I am a Muslim
Believer in Almighty Allah
And His prophets, Muhammad being the last
...I have faith in Hazrat Isa, whom many call Jesus, and his miracles
As a kid I was also fascinated by Ramayana
And the army of Ramachandraji
The tales of Lord Krishna have enchanted me
And I have immense respect for them
[much before some one spoke about
And there are moments when the thought of Buddha of Kapilvastu makes me serene
I am also inspired by
Varddhaman's renunciation and the message of the saint from Talwandi*...
I respect them all

....but then who is this Pope?

Does his comments on a great religion and my beloved Prophet matter?....the least for me. [This article or verse was written in response to Pope Benedict's comments that were condemned across the world and Vatican had later issued a clarification]

*Guru Nanak was born in Talwandi, now known as Nankana Sahib [in Pakistan]

[mukhyadhara=mainstream or qaumi dhara, is the term used by right-wing in India, to tell Muslims that they are not yet part of the mainstream]


sravani said...


sharique said...

who is this indian muslim? i don't like being this RSS style muslim!!

indscribe said...

If you enjoyed stories whether of mythology or anything else in your childhood and still like them, it has nothing to do with RSS or any other such parochial organisations.
You look up to people, personalities, sportspersons and of course such figures who inspired millions. However it naturally doesn't come in conflict with my religious beliefs.

Danesh said...

Good one bhai!

Sharique said...

Well why should i look upto them as role models even if they, according to you, don't conflict my beliefs as a muslim? I have got many in my own religion to look at. These mythological stories deeply influence a child's mind so much so that they try to emmulate the rituals which is unislamic!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. :)
( - Rohit ... you know from where :) )