Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Distorting History: Controversial script on Rani Kamla Pati-Nawab Dost Mohammad Khan play angers Bhopal residents

A controversial play that was written by Indira Dangi angered residents of Bhopal.

It not only ignored history and mocked at the cultural heritage of the region, but it also targeted the sacred bond of 'Rakhi'.

The play was written on the era when Rani Kamlapati, the Gond queen, sought help of Nawab Dost Mohammad Khan.

Strangely, all historical sources were ignored and a false narrative was brought.

Upset, residents objected. Strangely, Swaraj Sansthan didn't even pay attention to script and had bypassed norms, leading to this situation.

As per historical records, after Rani Kamlapati's husband was poisoned by deceit (the Gond king's own relatives were responsibl), she sought Sardar Dost Mohammad Khan's help.

She had sent a 'rakhi' to him. He attacked her enemies and took revenge.

During her life, he respected her and treat at part with her mother.

However, in a play written by Indira Dangi, effort was made to distort history.

When confronted, she claimed that it was all imaginary and fiction.

But if it was fiction, how original names were used and the sacred bond of 'rakhi' was discredited.

Historians are aghast at the manner in which facts were twisted and brazenly the story was given a new colour.

Eminent writer Shyam Munshi objects and says that it seems to be a conspiracy.

Though director later accepted that changes would be made, Indira Dangi remained tried to defend her script.