Friday, December 21, 2018

SHAME: Who is Yoga guru Ramdev to ask Naseeruddin Shah to leave the country?

As veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah expressed his fears--how life of a cow has become more important that that of a human being, it seemed all hell broke loose.

Once again, the chorus--leave the country, began. Yoga guru Swami Ramdev was among the first to react on TV--advising Naseeruddin Shah to leave the country.

Isn't it extraordinary arrogance and objectionable? Who gives them the authority to make such announcements?

Only recently, a right-wing extremist mob attacked a police station, killed an inspector in cold-blood and the assailants are yet to be arrested. Worse, UP politicians tried to give it a spin and the local police first claimed arresting those responsible for animal slaughter.

Later, police again accepted that they had made wrong arrests. Those who were caught, were in fact innocent people. So some other people were arrested. This is despite suspicion of conspiracy that it was all staged because there was a plan to create communal tension during the Ijtima in Bulandshahr.

Now, in such a situation when even killers of police officials are scot-free and release their videos, an actor expresses concern. But he is targeted and told to leave the country and go to another place! Isn't this disgusting!

Who won't be worried? Louts are calling the shots. Naseeruddin Shah is not a commoner but on the ground right-wingers are issuing threats--take out rally in Delhi threatening to pull down Jama Masjid (and no one arrested), or attacking policemen.

You switch on the TV & the debates you watch, the reactions of right-wingers, who won't get paranoid? And you ask people to leave? If someone in your family says he or she is scared, will you comfort them or thrown them out? 

Clearly, your definition of house or family is wrong. May be because you don't have a family or you don't consider your countrymen as your own. And you're not an ascetic but a Saffron-robed businessman who is plain arrogant and seems to have little concern for his country-men.