Sunday, December 30, 2018

TRAGIC: Yet another policeman killed in UP, but nothing shocks anymore, all forgotten within a day

Yet another police personnel has been killed in Uttar Pradesh.

Suresh Vats was attacked in Ghazipur, and he succumbed to the injuries.

The attackers wanted to go to Prime Minister's rally and were stopped on way.

Vats who was in security duty, was returning when he was targeted and got a fatal injury. This resulted in his death.

The Nishad Sena members were allegedly involved in the incident that occurred in Ghazipur. Vats was posted in Karimuddinpur police station, but hailed from Pratapgarh.

This is the second incident of a policeman killed in UP, recently. Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh, was killed in a violent attack by right-wing radicals in Bulandshahr. In that case, all the accused are yet to be arrested.


Unfortunately, such incidents create short outrage and are forgotten, soon. Most of the incidents have a 'news value' of barely a day or even a few hours--6 hrs or 12 hrs.

So much is happening regularly that it seems no one is now shocked anymore. There is condemnation, then demands for compensation or job for kin. If there is no strong protest, it is all forgotten affair after headlines in the morning paper.