Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Right-wing Hindu groups' warning on Jama Masjid needs to be taken seriously

Extremists chanting slogans against Jama Masjid--'Ek Dhakka Aur Do, Jama Masjid Tod Do' walked on the streets of India's national capital. 

It means, 'One more push, Demolish the Jama Masjid'. Clearly, it is not just about Babri Masjid, but the hate and madness has now reached Delhi.

This militant march was taken out just a day after 'Dharm Sansad', ironically, that means 'Religious Parliament'. Most of the participants in this strange rally, were those who had come to attend the event. 

Does religion teach this? Doesn't it terrorise Muslims, who are already feeling besieged, as Hindu groups announce plans to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya, though Supreme Court is yet to announce a verdict and the case is still sub-judice. 

This is happening when we are witnessing lynchings in the name of cow, people being beaten on streets, even policemen attacked and an officer killed by militant right-wing extremists in Bulandshahr. 

How far will this go? When will the state, the police take action? It is not just affecting India's composite culture, it is also damaging India's reputation across the world. Many people expressed their outrage after the incident. 

This is not the first such incident. Recently, a BJP leader had ambushed into the historic mosque and forcibly unfurled the national flag. Earlier this year, swords were brandished and saffron flags waved in rally taken out in front of several mosques in Delhi. 

Senior journalist Vinod Kapri tweeted and termed it 'adharma' (anti-religious act). A few links below about the incident that alarmed the citizens about the level of righ-wing radicalization and indoctrination in India. 

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