Monday, August 28, 2006

List of Muslim Bloggers from India

Indian Muslim Blogosphere

I have tried to compile a list of Muslim bloggers of India. The aim is that people should know what Muslims feel and think. Blogs are a great medium to present Indian Muslims' voice that often doesn't reach others.

This list was made when there were barely a couple of Muslim bloggers from India and there was a psychological pressure that Muslims don't speak up on various issues. So the aim of the list was to show that Muslims of India are no monolithic, they are as diverse as other Indians, they are speaking up, there are lots of liberals among them, they have their own dreams, there are blogs about poetry, personal interests, women issues, religion, society and all other topics under the sun.

Serendipity (Sharique)
Doubt Engine
Syed Akbar

Ye Manzilein (Shahid A Sayed)
Fly you Fools (Saad Akhtar)
साझा सरोकार Saajha-Sarokar [Hindi blog by Shahroz]
Jalpari [Almas Shamim]
Private Opinion (Mohib)
Take a Walk (Asif)
Dream Ink (Zafar Anjum)
Fragmented Impressions (Sadia Raval)
Oroosa's Orbit (Uroosa Subuhi)
Known Turf (Annie Zaidi)
Leaves of Life (Riyaz)
Most things in life...(Noman)

Splash of life (Ashraf)
Kaleidoscope (Nabeela)
Yusuf Speaks (Yusuf)
Soaring Spirit & As if I care (Zarine)
Muslim Mama (Seems to have quit blogging)
Biriyani (Faiza)
Naghma-e-Bulbul (Pasheman)
Ideastic (Nazim)
UrdudaaN (Blog in Urdu script)
Being Muslim in America (SS)
Muzlamic Celebration (Saif)
My Way (Toufeeq)
Danesh's psyche (Danesh)
Graffiti of Existence (Karim)
Dastangoi (Danish Husain)

Random Numbers (Faiz Azim)
Etc and Etc (Idayathullah)
Soul Splinters (Fareen)
Urdu ke Naam (Group Blog)
Stray Thoughts (Manzoor Khan)

Stale Wine (Sameer Ahmed)
Nothing Else Matters (Ghulam Husain)
Alltough Thoughts (Altaf)
The Lion is Roaring (Asad)
Pushing Pixels (Adel Anwar)
Mind over Matter (El Savior)

Though I couldn't find many Muslims from India who are very serious bloggers but the number seems growing. The interaction with Indian Muslims on blogosphere may help in removing the stereotypes of the community and the often negative portrayal.
Some of the above mentioned bloggers are living abroad. Besides, I was unsure about nationality of some bloggers or their identity. If there are any mistakes in this list, do tell me, I will correct that immediately.
Like rest of the Indians, Muslims of this country also come from all sections, there are female bloggers, software professionals, students, serious thinkers, happy-go-lucky guys, those interested in movies, cricket and poetry et al. I have found 100-0dd bloggers but many are redundant, some are topic-specific and I wish to present a vibrant Indian Muslim blogging community. So here I am posting only 50-odd blogs.

It took me quite a lot of time to search the IMBs and please don't take it as a ranking, it is just a compilation. Also the list has some female bloggers amongst Muslims like Sadia, Zahera, Faiza, El Savior, Nabeela, Tahseen, Zainab, Zarine and Fareen. That's far less than in other countries but surely we we will see more of them in near future. Mostly the blogs that have original thought and writing have been chosen. Some journalists also have blogs but they post their articles on them and I have avoided them. I request all not to see this exercise with any communal angle. Thanks :)

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