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Monday, August 28, 2006

List of Muslim Bloggers from India

Indian Muslim Blogosphere

I have tried to compile a list of Muslim bloggers of India. The aim is that people should know what Muslims feel and think. Blogs are a great medium to present Indian Muslims' voice that often doesn't reach others.

This list was made when there were barely a couple of Muslim bloggers from India and there was a psychological pressure that Muslims don't speak up on various issues. So the aim of the list was to show that Muslims of India are no monolithic, they are as diverse as other Indians, they are speaking up, there are lots of liberals among them, they have their own dreams, there are blogs about poetry, personal interests, women issues, religion, society and all other topics under the sun.

Serendipity (Sharique)
Doubt Engine
Syed Akbar

Ye Manzilein (Shahid A Sayed)
Fly you Fools (Saad Akhtar)
साझा सरोकार Saajha-Sarokar [Hindi blog by Shahroz]
Jalpari [Almas Shamim]
Private Opinion (Mohib)
Take a Walk (Asif)
Dream Ink (Zafar Anjum)
Fragmented Impressions (Sadia Raval)
Oroosa's Orbit (Uroosa Subuhi)
Known Turf (Annie Zaidi)
Leaves of Life (Riyaz)
Most things in life...(Noman)

Splash of life (Ashraf)
Kaleidoscope (Nabeela)
Yusuf Speaks (Yusuf)
Soaring Spirit & As if I care (Zarine)
Muslim Mama (Seems to have quit blogging)
Biriyani (Faiza)
Naghma-e-Bulbul (Pasheman)
Ideastic (Nazim)
UrdudaaN (Blog in Urdu script)
Being Muslim in America (SS)
Muzlamic Celebration (Saif)
My Way (Toufeeq)
Danesh's psyche (Danesh)
Graffiti of Existence (Karim)
Dastangoi (Danish Husain)

Random Numbers (Faiz Azim)
Etc and Etc (Idayathullah)
Soul Splinters (Fareen)
Urdu ke Naam (Group Blog)
Stray Thoughts (Manzoor Khan)

Stale Wine (Sameer Ahmed)
Nothing Else Matters (Ghulam Husain)
Alltough Thoughts (Altaf)
The Lion is Roaring (Asad)
Pushing Pixels (Adel Anwar)
Mind over Matter (El Savior)

Though I couldn't find many Muslims from India who are very serious bloggers but the number seems growing. The interaction with Indian Muslims on blogosphere may help in removing the stereotypes of the community and the often negative portrayal.
Some of the above mentioned bloggers are living abroad. Besides, I was unsure about nationality of some bloggers or their identity. If there are any mistakes in this list, do tell me, I will correct that immediately.
Like rest of the Indians, Muslims of this country also come from all sections, there are female bloggers, software professionals, students, serious thinkers, happy-go-lucky guys, those interested in movies, cricket and poetry et al. I have found 100-0dd bloggers but many are redundant, some are topic-specific and I wish to present a vibrant Indian Muslim blogging community. So here I am posting only 50-odd blogs.

It took me quite a lot of time to search the IMBs and please don't take it as a ranking, it is just a compilation. Also the list has some female bloggers amongst Muslims like Sadia, Zahera, Faiza, El Savior, Nabeela, Tahseen, Zainab, Zarine and Fareen. That's far less than in other countries but surely we we will see more of them in near future. Mostly the blogs that have original thought and writing have been chosen. Some journalists also have blogs but they post their articles on them and I have avoided them. I request all not to see this exercise with any communal angle. Thanks :)

And my blog you are already on: Indscribe's Mindspeak, Best Urdu Ghazals & Nazms and Urdu India.


How do we know said...
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indscribe said...
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Mohib said...

Thanks so much for this compilation. I would add them in the IM Blogroll and some of them in my Bloglines subscription.

I started the IM Blog Roundup a couple of weeks back, this would really help in that endeavour.

Thanks again,

Sharique said...

My name is sharique and not shaarique :)
i am starting an urdu blog shortly, inshAllah and it will also include politics

hotICE said...

hello. I'm Alfi. I'm an Indian from the state of Kerala. Just graduated and I'm working with my dad in Abu Dhabi. I'm not political at all in my blog and the only post that had anything to do with me being a Muslim was the one posted on 27th August, 2006. But otherwise, its just bunch of stories and personal experiences with an element of fiction, an attempt at making the post more entertaining.

I'm still learning. And yeah, its an awesome copilation. At least this way, we get to know each other

Altaf said...

Good Job. It had to be done. And thanks for the effort you have put into it. It would be a great idea to have a space with these voices. You must also inform desipundit about it.
They will be able to give a larger audience to this compilation.

BTW, it is Alltough Thoughts
And not Although

Nazim.k said...

Good compilation.
Thanks to your efforts, we may be able be in touch with each other, and share our thoughts on different topics and issues

karim said...

Salaam....nice job!
Keep it up.

Tamanna said...

Hi me tamanna aka Zahera. Was happy to see my blog on the list :-D :P thnx
Good job on this compilation :-)
My blogroll is set to increase now :)

the victorious.. said...

Hey many thanks for including me in the link!

The Illusionist said...

hey Adnan.. good work :)

koonj said...

This is an excellent compilation.
Also, this one http://sivaramamenonroad.blogspot.com/

Javed said...

This is a step in the right direction. Thanks for this effort and for including my blog.

urdudaaN said...

A much awaited list, indeed.
It must have taken a lot of effort & time. It might open the much needed dialog among Indian Muslims.

Shukriyah for including & identifying mine as an Urdu(script) blog.

Muslim Mama said...

Hey! You missed me on the list!!And personally, I've been keen on such a list for so mlong.Jazakhallah!

indscribe said...

Mama, I often go to your blog but was not sure about your nationality, the Serendip (b) thing caused confusion. Your profile was empty also. Actually, I didn't ask bloggers are you Indian Muslim or not, as it doesn't look nice. Some are too snappy :) tavaqqo' hai, aap maziid IM bloggers khusuusan khvaatiin ki nishaandehi karengi.

As If said...
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Abdusalaam said...

Appreciate you including my blog on the list.

I've searched for a list like this for quite sometime but was unsuccesful uptill now.

On a sidenote, I'm surprised I haven't heard of a single blog listed on the list before. I regret missing out on so many good blogs for so long.

Thanks again.

history_lover said...

Thanks for including me in this list .This is a much needed step

Danesh said...

Thanks for including my blog scribe bhai. For the record, I live in Chennai,India.

Ashraf's Pen said...

Oh thanks for putting me on the list.

Its nice to be put up alongside other superb bloggers

Selma Mirza said...
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Neena said...

Have you ever thought about doing something like this


for your list?

Iday said...

u cud drop in a message in each of these blogs to let us know such a thing is being done :) I would have never known about this but for some weird search i just did. Glad to see my name though.

And a big "hi" to all fellow Indian Muslim Bloggers.

indscribe said...

I have informed a few to ensure that they were not opposed to inclusion of their names, after I was asked to take off names of some Muslim bloggers who did not want their name in it

Anonymous said...

The grip of the Majlis-e-ittehadul Muslimeen on the community remains strong, despite minor dents.
WITH A Member representing Hyderabad in the Lok Sabha, five members in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, 40 corporators in Hyderabad and 95-plus members elected to various municipal bodies in Andhra Pradesh, the All-India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen is one of the foremost representatives of the city's Muslims and the most powerful Muslim party in India and one can see the partys strenghth if it goes to Hyderabads Old city everywhere u look u can see MIM written on walls ,lightpoles and buildings leaving aside flags and posters of its Leadership. The Majlis has brought lot of development to the Old part of the city even after it is said it hasnt done anything by its opponents who are mostly Ex Majlis workers.
The Majlis was formed in 1927 "for educational and social uplift of Muslims". But it articulated the position that "the ruler and throne (Nizam) are symbols of the political and cultural rights of the Muslim community... (and) this status must continue forever".
The Majlis pitted itself against the Andhra Mahasabha and the communists who questioned the feudal order that sustained the Nizam's rule. It also bitterly opposed the Arya Samaj, which gave social and cultural expression to the aspirations of the urban Hindu population in the Hyderabad State of those days.
By the mid-1940s, the Majlis had come to represent a remarkably aggressive and violent face of Muslim communal politics as it organised the razakars (volunteers) to defend the "independence" of this "Muslim" State from merger with the Indian Union.
According to historians, over 1,50,000 such `volunteers' were organised by the Majlis for the Nizam State's defence but they are remembered for unleashing unparalleled violence against Hindu populations, the communists and all those who opposed the Nizam's "go it alone" policy. It is estimated that during the height of the razakar `agitation', over 30,000 people had taken shelter in the Secunderabad cantonment alone to protect themselves from these `volunteers'.
But the razakars could do little against the Indian Army and did not even put up a fight. Kasim Rizvi, the Majlis leader, was imprisoned and the organisation banned in 1948. Rizvi was released in 1957 on the undertaking that he would leave for Pakistan in 48 hours. Before he left though, Rizvi met some of the erstwhile activists of the Majlis and passed on the presidentship to Abdul Wahed Owaisi, a famous lawyer and an Islamic scholar who also was jailed for nearly 10 months after he took over the Majlis leadership as the then govt wanted to abolish the Majlis party but Owaisi refused to do so and was seen as a person who had financially supported the party when it was a bankrupt and weak one after the Police Action in Hyderabad State.
Owaisi is credited with having "re-written" the Majlis constitution according to the provisions of the Indian Constitution and "the realities of Muslim minority in independent India", according to a former journalist, Chander Srivastava. For the first decade-and-a-half after this "reinvention", the Majlis remained, at best, a marginal player in Hyderabad politics and even though every election saw a rise in its vote share, it could not win more than one Assembly seat.
The 1970s saw an upswing in Majlis' political fortunes. In 1969, it won back its party headquarters, Dar-us-Salaam — a sprawling 4.5-acre compound in the heart of the New City. It also won compensation which was used to set up an ITI on the premises and a women's degree college in Nizamabad town. In 1976, Salahuddin Owaisi took over the presidentship of the Majlis after his father's demise.
This started an important phase in the history of the Majlis as it continued expanding its educational institutions,Hospitals,Banks, including the first Muslim minority Engineering College and Medical College. Courses in MBA, MCA ,Nursing, Pharmacy and other professional degrees followed and now a daily newspaper known as Etemaad Daily. The 1970s were also a watershed in Majlis' history as after a long period of 31 years, Hyderabad witnessed large-scale communal rioting in 1979. The Majlis came to the forefront in "defending" Muslim life and property Majlis workers could be seen at these moments defending the properties of Muslims in the wake of riots and these workers were very hard even for the police to control them even now it is a known fact that there are nearly about 2500 units of strong members who only act if there is a seirous threat to the Owaisi family and these members are under the direct orders of the Owaisi family which leads the Majlis party leaving aside thousands of workers and informers throughout the State and even outside the country far away till America and the Gulf countries.
Salahuddin Owaisi, also known as "Salar-e-Millat" (commander of the community), has repeatedly alleged in his speeches that the Indian state has "abandoned" the Muslims to their fate. Therefore, "Muslims should stand on their own feet, rather than look to the State for help'', he argues.
This policy has been an unambiguous success in leveraging the Majlis today to its position of being practically the "sole spokesman" of the Muslims in Hyderabad and its environs.
Voting figures show this clearly. From 58,000 votes in the 1962 Lok Sabha elections for the Hyderabad seat, Majlis votes rose to 1,12,000 in 1980. The clear articulation of this "stand on one's feet" policy in education and `protection' during riots doubled its vote-share by 1984. Salahuddin Owaisi won the seat for the first time, polling 2.22 lakh votes. This vote-share doubled in the 1989 Lok Sabha elections to over four lakhs.
The Majlis has since continued its hold on the Hyderabad seat winning about five-and-a-half lakh votes each time.
Despite remarkable economic prosperity and negligible communal violence in the past decade, the hold of the Majlis on the Muslims of Hyderabad remains, despite minor dents. And despite widespread allegations of Majlis leaders having "made money", most ordinary Muslims continue to support them because, as one bank executive put it "they represent our issues clearly and unambiguously''. An old Historian Bakhtiyar khan says the Owaisi family was a rich family even before entering Politics and he says he had seen the late Majlis leader Abdul Wahed Owaisi in an American Buick car at a time when rarely cars were seen on Hyderabad Roads and the family had strong relations with the ersthwhile Nizams of Hyderabad and the Paighs even now the family is considered to be one of the richest familes in Hyderabad.
A university teacher says that the Majlis helped Muslims live with dignity and security at a time when they were under attack and even took the fear out of them after the Police action and adds that he has seen Majlis leaders in the front at times confronting with the Police and the Govt.
Asaduddin Owaisi, the articulate UK educated barrister son of Salahuddin Owaisi and Former leader of the Majlis' Legislature party and now an MP himself who has travelled across the globe meeting world leaders and organizatons and even in war zones compares the Majlis to the Black Power movement of America.
The Majlis that emerged after 1957 is a completely different entity from its pre-independence edition, he says adding that comparisons with that bloody past are "misleading and mischievous". "That Majlis was fighting for state power, while we have no such ambitions or illusions".
He stoutly defends the need for "an independent political voice" for the minorities, which is willing to defend them and project their issues "firmly".
"How can an independent articulation of minority interests and aspirations be termed communal," he asks and contests any definition of democracy which questions the loyalty of minorities if they assert their independent political identity. "We are a threat not only to the BJP and Hindu communalism, but also to Muslim extremism," Asaduddin claims. "By providing a legitimate political vent for Muslims to voice their aspirations and fears, we are preventing the rise of political extremism and religious obscurantism when the community is under unprecedented attack from Hindu communalists and the state''. He can be seen in his speeches speaking against terrorism in the Country and says if the time arises Majlis will stand side by side in defending the Nation

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but your list is incomplete without Annie Zaidi. http://knownturf.blogspot.com

Zulfiquar said...

The compiliation is welcome move, Congrats. Wish more will be added in the coming days. Please keep it going and if possible make it in a blogline type feed.

NA said...

I think this will bridge those six degrees of seperation!
Pls include mine in the list as well:

Anonymous said...

My blog hasnot been included. I am from Assam and is currently in USA. My articles have come up in indianmuslims.com



pasheman said...

Im an indian Muslim and i have a blog too - but i dont know if it fits with everyone's themes? please have a look though!


Manas Shaikh said...

indscribe, can you kindly update my blog address? I have moved "Reflections" to wordpress ( http://wishsubmsission.wordpress.com ).

Ye manzilen !! said...

A serach brought me here and I am glad I did. You are doing a great service, Sir!

I am a Film Maker / Civil Engineer based in the US. I sure enjoyed reading some of blogs you have listed here.

Shahid Sayed

Shrish said...

कमाल है इन्डस्क्राइब जी आप हिन्दी चिट्ठे पढ़ते रहते हैं, आपकी नजर शब्दों के जादूगर शुएब भाई के चिट्ठे पर कैसे नहीं गई। हिन्दी और उर्दू में लिखने वाले शुएब "तरकश सम्मान" विजेता हैं। उनकी रोचक पोस्टें पाठक एक सांस में पढ़ जाता है।

दूसरे उल्लेखनीय ब्लॉगर हैं, यूनुस भाई। हाल ही में चिट्ठाजगत में आए यूनुस भाई विविध भारती पर रेडियो जॉकी हैं। अपने ब्लॉग 'रेडियोवाणी' पर वे गीत-संगीत और गायक/संगीतकारों संबंधी सुंदर लेख प्रस्तुत करते रहते हैं।

नई बातें/नई सोच: http://shuaib.in/chittha
ऊर्दू: http://www.shuaib.in/blog/

यूनुस ख़ान:
रेडियोवाणी: http://radiovani.blogspot.com

Neena said...

Here are more

Life in New Zealand
by Sadiyya

Malabar Spices...
by Shaheen

Trial and Error by Nabeela

Neena said...

Apple Pathways by Gulnaz Sheikh

Cross Connections by Farzana Versey

Stay tunned lot more to come ...

Qais said...
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Qais said...

Just to inform you that Aligarhnama is the blog i created though i have invited Sharjeel to join in. Another blog started by Manzoor Khan and me(both of us are Indian bloggers)is Urdu-ke-Naam

sai said...

excellent blog submit all your blog posts at www.indiantags.com we are social submitting site just like digg

Anonymous said...
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the victorious.. said...

i know m too late to leave a comment here, Jazakallah for including my page in this list :)

Islamic Revival said...

Assalam wa alaikum

Please check out: http://islamicsystem.blogspot.com/

Dr. Teeth said...

Assalam alaimkum.
You have compiled a great list and i hope to add mine too!


Asif said...

count me in.....
i am Asif 22 from India,

JaLpArI said...

Salam sir,
just stumbled upon this blog . . . Gr8 work. . . .
wanted to know if my blogs could find a place on the list. . . I try to post regularly in 2, and i have started with a third one today




btw, am Almas from andamans, India, currently a student of University of Kerala. . .

JaLpArI said...

Assalam sir.......
thank you so much for accepting me in..
am really thankful
:) :) :)

aziaf said...

Assalamu alaikum wrb!

Brother, I have changed my blog (Biriyani) url from aziaf.blogspot.com to aziaf.wordpress.com

Kindly make the changes!

Jazakallahu Khair

shadkam77 said...

Bro, a v nice 1 is here


saima said...

just stumbled upon this blog. (through HT blogs)..great work! keep up the effort!
i too have a blog, however just a collection of random thought, not a literary masterpiece nor does it contain any strong religious sentiments.

Zarine said...

as salamu alaikum

i wish you add me too. Im Zarine Mhideen from Chennai.

my blog url: http://kuttithings.blogspot.com/

Jazakallah Khair

urdu poetry said...

i am fan of Splah of life Ashraf

Anonymous said...

It is extremely interesting for me to read this article. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

Anonymous said...

now I stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Good Day!!! www.anindianmuslim.com is one of the most excellent informational websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I like to read articles like this. By the way add more pics :)

Anonymous said...

After reading you site, Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

عامر شہزاد said...

شکریہ، بہت اچحی لسٹ ہے

Aamir Shahzad said...

Thanks, good list.

طارق راحیل said...

عبادتوں کے اس دور میں
آؤ مانگیں سب کے لیے مغفرت
مانگتے ہیں ہم کچھ نہ کچھ اپنے لیے
چلو آج دوسروں کے لیے مانگیں
رمضان کی آمد کی خوشی ہے بہت
ساتھ ہی اس کے رخصت ہو جانے کا غم
خدا کرے وقت تھم جائے اس وقت
جب برس رہی ہو خدا کی رحمت ہم پر
رمضان کے رخصت ہونے سے پہلے
درِ توبہ بند ہونے سے پہلے
اس مبارک مہینے کی ہر فضیلت حاصل کر لیں
جو ہم گزشتہ سالوں میں حاصل نہ کر سکے
رمضان مبارک ، رمضان مبارک
رمضان مبارک ، رمضان مبارک
آیا ہے رمضان
االلہ کا احسان، ملا ہے رمضان
ھم سب کا مہمان ، آیا ہے رمضان

روزہ رکھیں گے ہم ،قرآں پڑھیں گے ہم
پکائیں گے پکوان، آیا ھے رمضان

کھانے سے رکیں ہم، غیبت سے بچیں ہم
کھلے گی کم زبان، ملا ہے رمضان

تراویح پڑھیں ہم، تہجد میں اٹھیں ہم
سنائیں رب کو داستاں ،آیا ہے رمضان

بھولیں نہ اپنوں کو ہم، کم کریں ان کے دکھوں کو ہم
ہو جائیں وہ شادماں ،آیا ہے رمضان

نیکیوں میں دوڑیں ہم، گناہوں کو چھوڑیں ہم
راضی ہو جائے رحمٰن ،ملا ہے رمضان

افطاری کرائیں ہم ،بھوکوں کو کھلائیں ہم
رحمتیں برسائے آسمان ،آیا ہے رمضان

لیں عفو و گزر سے کام ،کر لیں دلوں کو صاف
سج جائے پھولوں سے گلدان، ملا ہے رمضان

دعائیں مانگیں ہم، سب کو یاد رکھیں ہم
پھر کب آئے مہماں، آیا ہے رمضان

الہی کر کرم،رحم کی اک نظر
سنور جائیں دو جہاں، آیا ہے رمضان

مبارک رمضان،مبارک رمضان

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great piece. Very inspiring! (as always, btw)

robit said...

This blog is good i like it and you doing good job keep it up

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum my name is Mohammed Imran Ansari from Mumbai (Santacruz), I liked your site very much and appreciate your hard work to compile the given list would request you to also add my site to your list www.meemboyz.com it is an islamic site published by a muslim