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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why nothing will change in India even after Mumbai terrorist attack?

Post November 26: Will there be any change in India or a major shift in the manner we tackle terrorism?

I have serious doubts. The intense public anger has forced Home Minister Shivraj Patil, Maharashtra's Deputy Chief Minister RR Patil to submit their resignations and Vilas Rao Deshmukh may also resign, but this is not enough.

In a few days from now, it will be back to square one. There are reasons for this pessimism and why I believe nothing is going to change:

1. As long as there are two laws in India, one for the VIP and the other for the common man, nothing will change. The concept of treating people differently on the basis of their clout, connections and class shouldn't have any place in democracy but unfortunately it is the biggest roadblock towards equality in this country.

2. There are different sets of rules for a VIP, an English-speaking citizen and a poor ordinary man. The person in the first category can pass through any security check without the risk of getting touched. The second guy also has a fair chance of escaping any frisking. The person in the last category receives contempt but he can also make his way past, by greasing the palm of the cops. How many politicians or even journalists like to be frisked?

3. The Indian police are still governed by the outdated Indian Police Act of 1861 that treats the citizens as natives and expects the force to protect and serve the 'masters', who were Whites in the past and the class of politicians (and top bureaucrats) now. If your vehicle has a beacon light, which constable can dare stop it? When Mayawati goes out on the streets of Lucknow, there are over a 100 policemen with her and the entire area is cordoned off.

4. The system of policing is such that most of the force is involved in security of the VIPs and taking care of their families and kin. The policeman with a graduate or post-graduate degree loses all self-esteem when he understands that he has to get the grocery and vegetables for his superior's household, serve water to guests at police station and he doesn't care if a kid goes missing but would go to any lengths to find out an officer or bureaucrat's dog that has disappeared.

5. Intelligence agencies and units in states are mostly busy in working for the government to get information about opposition party leaders and finding the latter's weaknesses or election related surveys. Cops are made to do duties which they ought not do.

This leaves them disinterested in their regular work. They are made to stand up for political rallies, demonstrations and other silly things. This is a pan-Indian problem. How and when can they investigate or get intelligence input. Whatever little interest remains in the job is due to the lure of money from criminals, those dealing in illegal trades and the 'hafta'.

6. Supreme Court stepped in when the politicians refused to implement police reforms. But despite all its efforts, no state government in India, either the Congress or the BJP, is interested in it. Politicians want the power of transferring any cop to anywhere in the state, in their hands.

7. The irony is that during the entire debate over the failure of police, intelligence and government, it was not the issue that was raised properly at the debates on televisions. There will be chargers, counter-charges and a few resignations but what about the real issue?

8. Abusing politicians is easy. But politicians are misled by bureaucrats. Why there is no accountability on them? The bureaucrat--the IAS and the IPS, work for their entire lives and are supposed to know much more about security aspects than the politicians. We are yet to see any resignations from security agencies or sacking of any top officer.

8. At least, IPS officers get the blame. They also fight on the ground and lose their lives. But what about the IAS officers, those who really run the nation. Politician is the face but the IAS officer is the guy who remains in charge.

He briefs the minister about issues, tells him about contents of voluminous files and runs the entire show. He has to be accountable but he never figures anywhere when there is a failure or disaster.

9. Somehow, the IAS officers in the last 60 years, have managed to increase their clout and power but also got rid of all responsibility though it is effectively the district magistrate who is in-charge of any district or City.

10. Ever heard any clamour of his resignation due to non-performance? Though it is a fact that a corrupt IAS officer earns much more money than a normal politician can ever dream of in his lifetime. Why there was no counter-terrorism system in place in other metros until now. Isn't it a policy failure? What for the bureaucrats in the Ministry of Home Affairs taking their salaries if they didn't think of posting NSGs in four metropolitan cities.

In a few weeks there will again be political rhetoric. BJP will raise the issue of Afzal's hanging and POTA while Congress will take up the issue of Kandahar hijack and Parliament attack. People will be watching soap operas on TV. The parliamentary elections aren't far.

Who is interested in tackling serious issues like police reforms? Announcements like a fresh anti-terror federal agency may sound good momentarily but when the entire system is wrecked, which government has the time, energe, interest and resolve to do it?

Once again nothing might change. Though I wish I am proved wrong.


Nbz said...

Good analysis.

I think there is also a general lack of accountability. Unless we citizens make the powers that be realize that they are answerable and accountable to us for their actions, not much is going to change.Just old wine in a new bottle.

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Anonymous said...

India created a nation from its land...only for one religion....its called islamic nation of pakistan....hindus ..there were asked to leave....they did...in hundreds.....
today if someone tells muslims..this land only belogs to hindus....muslims should leave..!! will they? will they do the same thing that hindus did?will they sacrifice?will they leave like my grand parents were asked to leave?
the problem is islam does not sacrifice....it sucks blood....my family suffered during partition....
the priblem is muslims have other nations they can go to....hindus have only one.....their holy land..

--further comment edited--

Anonymous said...

Annonymous you bare your RSS colours even at the time of tragedy.

If you are so sick of living in secular India, go to Nepal and again establish Hindu republic.

Good Luck

Sami Sheikh

Ye manzilen !! said...

Right on the money brother.....

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change because anyone who puts in tough measures will lose the next election, on account of not getting any Muslim votes.

Yoga is banned in Malaysia after 4000 years; carnage by terrorists in Mumbai. It's all part of the same continuum of intolerance, as far as am concerned.

That's how I've come to see Islam's current direction. And I'm telling others, and most of them agree.

If you want our friendship, behave tolerantly towards us. Stop blaming us for all your self-created problems. Otherwise, please leave, and go live in those greatest of nations, run according to strict Sharia law.

election wala anon...the original said...

yaar likhte to accha ho....bt karte kya ho...to improve things???? like all of us....nothing...just discussions wont help unless we act

प्रतीक माहेश्वरी said...

I guess that the time is not to just state the problems but to rise to come up with some solid soln..no one says that all the muslims r terrorists..wat the saying goes is : "एक गन्दी मछली पूरे तलाब को गन्दा कर देती है"...the same thing applies here..
only few ppl in the community are creating social disturbances..
we together will b able to eradicate this anti-social elements..they do not belong to any religion because swines have no community or religion..

things will change if the youth stands upto the cause...We will bring the change...
Watever happened was really grave and watever happens now shud b real solid answer to the terrorism department of the world...
i hav also posted an article on my blog..do read and comment...


indscribe said...

@ Nbz, yes accountability has to be fixed. None of the Home Ministry officials seem to have any accountability even though there was specific information about the possibility of Mumbai getting targeted and the sea route.

@Ye Manzilen, thanks

@ Latest Anon: The moment you say 'us' without Muslims, you also try to weaken the nation.

Regarding Malaysia, I think you should read news rather than just going through headlines. It had nothing official about it, the govt later clarified.

As far as leaving is concerned, you better keep abusing everybody and finally emigrate for greener pastures.

Muslis die as much in blasts as Hindus and suffer equally. Don't try to communalise tragedy and tears.

Danesh said...

Excellent post as usual! Bahut sahi.

@Hindu brothers: We, Indian Muslims, are as much angry with the terrorists as you are. We do not like outsiders poking their noses in our internal matters either, we can very well take care of ourselves.

However, your remark on India for Hindus is very unfortunate; God Almighty made the World one, man divided it into countries...

a fan said...

I am sure you are optimistic at the bottom of your heart, otherwise one can't think of what all are wrong:)

One thing which i always wonder is,"how does my moronic country with all sort of problems still stands together and also proceeds as well? Why didn't we end up like Pakistan?" (These are the questions which have forced me to buy the book,"India after Gandhi" by Ramachandra Guha!)

We are always seem to be blessed with enough good people, from those who stitched the whole 500 princely states into One India to those who boldly took the Hindu Terror Investigation.And i am pretty confident that a good tree can only bear good saplings. I know one can still come up with 100s of analogies telling that there are no more saplings or they are in a corrupted soil :) But the last 60 years of history shows that it's not the case.
Oh btw, we also never seem to do anything to 100% perfection starting from leaving Kashmir state hanging in balance!

So, the police reforms won't happen in one sweep...but it'll happen slowly and steadily, which is fine with me, because the very nature of Democracy itself is like 100 ropes pulling a nation in 100 different directions and it does take time to gather all and proceed.

btw, i highly recommend the book,"India after Gandhi" (i am still reading it, and it's amazing)

latest anon said...

dude i said "us"...means "us".....where did i say us the hindus or us the sikhs or us the....
do i necessarily have to mention the religion/region/caste everytime seperately...cnt we assume "us" means INDIANS...i didnt even think about the "w/o muslim' factor before writing..then how did u assume so..u may skip publishing this comment...bt adan bhai..i was ..u have let me down...

PS: i post comment anonymously...hence u dnt know my religion.

The Twisted Gourmet said...

Excellent blog. It frustrates me when people like the person who wrote the third post , fail to understand the problem. Fueling religious intolerance is going to further exacerbate the situation in Mumbai. Why don't people like these realize that the root cause of the attacks was not the 'other' religion but the sheer responsibility of our politicians? If people like him/her would take this same anger against Muslims and turn it against politicians , we will make unprecedented progress.

Anonymous ..if you are reading this , I am a middle class Hindu and you my friend are fighting the wrong battle.

Anonymous said...

Awful lot of generalization going on here, and I feel obliged to put in my 2 cents.

1) All politicians are complete assholes. Not a single sane voice can be heard from that quarter. If anyone opens his/her mouth, it is drop shitbombs.('dog' controversy, 'small incident' controversy....)
2) Someone once said- politics is a reflection of the society, so that makes us (hindus,muslims ...) complete assholes too! Either that or we (again,all inclusive) are complete idiots to allow ourselves to be taken for a ride by electing them or worse, jacking off like a wild monkey on election day instead of voting.

indscribe said...

Thanks Danesh Bhai.

Pratik, true. Let's hope the spirit lasts longer and there is a change now.

A Fan, you are right. Regarding the Guha book, I will definitely go for it.

Twisted Gourmet, :)

How do we know said...

kuchh nahi badlega. Ppl like us will write spineless bits and bytes on a cyberborg that will be read and applauded - preaching to the converted.

You are so right. Kuchh nahi badlega.
Except that, now i know that i need to fill up Form 6 to get my new voter ID.

Kagaz ki kashti said...

Things can definately change if some 'change' is initiated.

Adnan Bhai, ur blog is a popular one, it will be good if a forum/platform of reform inputs, ideas and help can be gathered by individual readers here and the good ones passed to the Indian ministries, beuracrats etc. for action.

if fews educated people like us can initiate this, I am sure the civilian power will certainly bring about the much needed CHANGE in system.

Think about it.

The last anon said...

Nice Idea!
Perhaps you can post some links about the travails of getting a voter Id. Its high time we take matters in our own hands ;)

maharashtrian said...

indian muslims are as patriotic as anyone else and no one has any right to judge that. this attack will unite the muslims and hindus of india against outsiders who try to divide the two and also further their strategic objectives outside india, such as relieving pressure of the afghan pakistan border

Quaratulain said...

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Jinu P said...


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Umair Siddiqui said...

Sir, Mumbai Attacks have yet again created tension in south-asia.
India has finally provided the official dossier[1] to Pakistani Govt
on January 5, 2009, which allegedly contains facts.

The Pakistani Govt is preparing official reply, however, various
Pakistani analysts are also analyzing this dossier. It turn out that
official dossier contain many factual errors. Unfortunately much
material is in Urdu, but following link is quite comprehensive:


you can skip to page-13 and specially for Dossier analysis skip to
page-66. All I can say, security agencies (like CIA, Mossad, RAW) in
order for __greater good__** kill their own people to create a bigger

Sir, It should be noted that India-Pakistan tension is not just this
terrorism issue but it is infact beyond that. For example, violation
of "Indus Water Treaty"[2] by building "Baglihar Dam"[3] in the
southern Doda district in Indian Occupied Kashmir, over Chenab river.

It is really unfortunate that in-competent Pakistani Govt didn't took
stand on this issue[4] (an alleged US-Govt pressure was also

This leads to following questions:

(1) Don't you think that Stealing the water of Chenab River is a
threat to Pakistani Agriculture and Pakistani Nation?
and is an example of "state sponsored" terrorism from India?

(2) How can peace process be continued with this back-stabbing?


** possibly to justify their existence and high funding

[1] http://www.hindu.com/nic/dossier.htm

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indus_Waters_Treaty

[3] http://thecurrentaffairs.com/index.php/india-violated-treaty-in-baglihar-dam-case-indus-water-commissioner/

[4] http://www.dawn.com/2008/09/22/ebr4.htm

Kiran sai said...

Umair siddiqui

I dont understand why you blame India for water crisis in pakistan.
It has to do with poor water conservation practices in pakistan(desert countries like UAE dont seem to have as much trouble with water as you do).It is only a state sposored gimmic in pakistan to turn you away from the real issues in pakistan.DONT fall for it.

Also why would an INDIAN intellegence agency(RAW) would like to kill its own people. After all who is it is working for?( India is not pakistan. There the ISI is almost like a parallel government here, in India RAW is much more disciplined)

Best wishes

Ravi said...

Right said Kiran, it has nothing to do with India. Actually its all the fault of the Punjab province of PAK.You know the availability of water has really decreased, but the Punjab Province is taking 100% of its share, that is what it was taking before the dam was built its, leaving nothing for the Sindh and Balochistan. They are naming India just as a escapegoat.
Their malik (US) has asked them to leave this obsession towards India and do some positive job in their own country.The PAK govt. doesn't has control over a single thing and they find it easy to blame India to divert the attention of their public.