Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Not three or four, he married 55 women: Man who wedded 55 times, dies in Rajasthan

While most people barely get to marry once in their lifetime, Jiyaram Jat had 55 weddings in his life.

Jat, who hailed from Barmer in Rajastha, was a charlatan who kept marrying girls, one after the other.

Hindustan Times has reported his modus operandi which was unique. He operated in the part of Rajasthan where child marriage is rampant and the girl is married off at an early age.

However, the girl is not sent to groom's house for many years, until she gets mature. The 'gauna' ritual takes place later and hence when the groom comes, the girl doesn't recognise him as she was a child at the time of marriage.

Posing as groom, he would go to the bride's house, introduce himself as the husband, and would cohibit, before escaping with valuables from the house.

In areas, where women members of the household don't even speak to son-in-law, he took advantage of the customs. Most families won't report it, as they feared 'ignominy'.

The victims would not report in most cases, as an FIR would lead to the real groom's family getting to know about the incident.

Hence, he managed to continue his acts, for years. The first case was registered against him in 1994.

He had several cases of sexual harassment and molestation against him. Hindustan Times reports that Jat would only strike when women were alone in the house.

“He would walk into such households after nightfall and introduce himself as the girl’s husband.

Since she was married in childhood, she wouldn’t recognise him,” the officer said.

He would then cohibit with the bride, and decamp with the jewellery to be sent with the girl to her in-laws before daybreak.

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