Wednesday, June 08, 2016

BJP leader attending iftaar is neither appeasement nor politics, rather it's a social necessity and goodwill gesture

When Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal attended a Roza Iftar party, it led to strong reactions from right-wing on social media.

Suddenly, Twitterati were commenting on the practice of politicians attending 'iftaars' and it was termed as appeasement.

Many BJP-leaning people on Facebook and Twitter who were earlier Sonowal's ardent supporters were upset and their reaction was that he shouldn't have gone there.

1. First thing, a politician represents all the people. Just like he attends Hindu functions, he can attend Muslim or Christian or Sikh events too.

2. Second thing, just becoming a politician or member of a political party doesn't mean you sever all your relations. You are a human being with friends from school, college, past, and who invite you. Then, there are business partners, Muslims in your own party and they will invite you.

3. Third point is that it is not to get votes at all. He also knows that Muslims don't have a wonderful relationship with BJP. He has just won and there is no election in near future. For Muslims, who say that there is no need for 'political iftaar', that is another debate, and individual Hindus or Muslims are also intelligent enough to know who to vote for or not.

4. We live in a society and there are Hindu, Muslim, friends from all sections. One can't cut himself/herself off from opponents. He wasn't in BJP when he was born. And even those who may have been born in party, have Muslim acquaintances. Of course, right-wing guys on social media [and real life] expects BJP and Hindu leaders to severe all connection with Muslims, but it is impractical.

Twitter handle @AnnihilationofCaste wrote that in a state that has more than 30% Muslims [37%], he can't cut himself off from the section of population. Obviously. But for the passionate hate brigade, it is blasphemy. The leader has failed them.

5. Last but not the least, there are few who feel that Hindu politicians go to Muslim events but Muslims don't go to Hindu events. Sorry, they have no idea and have skewed vision [narrow eyesight].

As they don't want to see, else they will find Muslims going to all Hindu events wherever they are invited. Qazis, Ulemas and ordinary Muslims going to attend Hindu religious events. They go to Kumbh too and attend bhandaras as well. Also, sit through 'puja' silently and respectfully.

6. The most common and predictable reaction from certain right-wing people on social media is that, "Hindus wear topi but Muslims don't sport tilak". Really! I have serious doubts that you ever get out of your social media room or the chamber where you work in a software company [US or India], as no one probably invites you to any function in lanes of real India. For you guys, the photos and the entire thing in perspective, here, if you are interested, check this link:

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Yes, we don't need politicians hosting iftaars but if they do or they attend an iftar, there is nothing wrong. And please stop saying that it is for votes. No one gives votes because of iftaar parties.
Reason: Organised right-wing has taken things to such level that when a Hindu politician even attends 'iftaar' [at a friend's or Muslim organisation's place], it is termed as Tushtikaran or Appeasement, though there may be puja [& other religious events] in official functions & its not Majority Appeasement.
If a leader goes to meet Sikhs and they offer him 'pagri', it is not termed Tushtikaran. But if a politician just goes to iftaar, it is 'Tushtikaran'.
And why do you want to stop every interaction where people at least get to know something about other's religion. Non-communal, genuine Hindu politicians at mohalla level are getting pushed to wall because the moment a politician goes to iftaar, it is termed 'appeasement'. 
So shall everybody stop these traditions?
In CM House in Bhopal, all festivals are celebrated from Diwali to Holi, Guru Parab to Christmas. Nothing of Muslims, just an iftaar once, where Muslims go. Do you want all this too, to go.
It is not the Western secularism practiced in certain countries where there is no religious association anywhere. Here, you will have all religions. 

Here is a series of Tweets after the controversy when right-wing Twitterati alleged that Hindus go to Muslim functions but Muslims don't do it. 

* Topi or Tilak doesn't Islamise-Hinduise or stereotype. There are courtesies too, something is culture, something is your local society too.
* Muslims go to friends' places for 'Bhagwat katha', 'Bhandara', 'Bada Mangal' all sort of celebrations & so do Hindus in Muslim events.
* Many social media-walas who never attended mohalla functions dont know Muslims at Hindu functions welcomed with tilak, which they sport happily
* When there is death, every janaza in my city has Hindu family friends stand at Namaz-e-Janaza and Muslim friends encircling pyre.
* One of my Hindu friend’s son was critical and Muslim girls were reciting Quran sharif andoffered taravih outside ICCU. Last week, This is India.
* One of my Hindu friend's son was critical & Muslim girls were reciting Quran Sharif, and offering taravih in ICCU. Last week. This is India.