Monday, June 06, 2016

Why Yadavas are vilified, made villain so easily: Snatched power in North India, hence media sees 'Jungle Raj' in Yadav ruled UP Bihar

Why Yadavas are made villains so easily and why it is so common to talk about Yadav-raj or use words like Yadav-gardi?

Aren't there other castes, members belonging to different religions and groups, who are powerful and indulge in lawlessness!

On Facebook and social media, people easily dismiss SP or RJD rule as 'Yadav-waad' and post blatantly casteist, anti-Yadav posts.

There must be some reason! After all, why it happens that just three-four Yadavas in an office or appointment of 10% Yadavas [as per their representation] raises issues of 'Yadav-waad'.

That's the caste which changed status quo, snatched power from Upper Castes in entire North India--UP & Bihar. The Upper Castes are out of power since 1989 in UP-Bihar.

If you see it in this context, you will realise, why Yadav is the villain. Muslims were already out of power structure. The powerful Brahmin-Kshatriya-Bania and Kayastha leaders are no longer holding the reins.

But they still dominate mainstream media. Some of our 'intellectual friends' would say, 'Yadav to waise hi dabang jaati rahi hai...'.  Yes, they would say it and you can't expect anything better.

Casteism blinds us to such an extent that when all 185 persons belonging to Upper Castes are appointed in a single institution in UP, it never leads to the charge of casteism.

Your personal feelings about SP, RJD apart, they have been a power, and have changed power equilibrium in North India. Hence, they will be villains.

This is the main reason Lalu Yadav is hated by the influential section of media. And also, why it becomes 'Jungle-Raj' so easily in UP or Bihar, but Gujjar agitations in Haryana, Patidar movement in Gujarat or Vyapam killings MP will never make it 'Jungle Raj'.