Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Now an arms training camp in Aligarh, no trust on police: Is right-wing preparing for a war in UP?

Uttar Pradesh seems to have become the state from where only bad news comes these days.

Now an arms training camp is being reported from Aligarh. News agency uses the term, 'Self-defence camp'.

The organisers claimed it is to protect them from 'Love Jihadis'. It is well-known that 'Love Jihad' was a term coined by right-wing.

The aim was to stoke communal passions and create religious divide between Hindus and Muslims.

Various organisations are holding such camps across UP. From Durga Vahini to Aryaveer Dal, it's as if, they are preparing for a war.

In most of the cases, there is no permission from the district authorities.

Besides, the question is whether there is no trust in State or police, that such groups have begun imparting training. And clearly the training is to fight not the enemies of the country, but 'own countrymen'.