Thursday, June 09, 2016

Saint needs luxury vehicle, yet won't pay tax, MP government waives it: Isn't it majority appeasement?

A saint is supposed to live a life of austerity, as he voluntarily chooses the path. He shuns luxury and family live.

But saints in India are high-flying, who prefer luxurious cars, live in AC and enjoy all the best things in life.

I don't mind. Many Muslim Ulemas too lead such luxurious lives. It's fine, their choice and the bhakts are happy.

But the problem begins when the cost of this luxury is borne by the taxpayer, the ordinary citizens.

Shankaracharya Swaroopanand has been travelling in a luxury vehicle that costs Rs 1.30 crore, reported Pradesh Today.

Many other papers also reported it though. He hadn't paid the tax and asked that it should be waived by the government.

This luxury van has a lift inside, an AC, washroom, TV and high-quality cameras. On LED screen, the seer can view the happenings from a distance of nearly 1/2 kilometre

The luxury van [bus] is registered in Narsinghpur in Madhya Pradesh. The RTO has slapped penalty too as tax hasn't been paid as yet.

In all, around 13 lakh had to be recovered. Shankaracharya was not in a mood to pay. So, government was 'forced' to waive the amount. It was brought in the cabinet and the chief minister decided that there would be no tax charged on the vehicle.

Whose appeasement is that? Majority or Hindu appeasement, isn't it? The reality is that all forms of appeasements are wrong. Will it benefit an ordinary Hindu? No. Why governments feel that they are powerful and can take any action, legal or illegal, though they are elected by citizens.